Sharp air conditioner Error Codes

Sharp air conditioner error codes

Is it possible to fix the air conditioner on your own or should you book an engineer at once? Check the list of Sharp air error codes for the answer. It contains error codes and brief explanation of what is going on. You will also know the possible causes of the malfunction (for instance, if there is noise or if you can see the mist or dust coming out of the unit). This easy to use guide allows you to trace the significance of the fault codes and provides trouble shooting help.

In case you decide to call tech support, it is a good idea to inform it about Sharp air error codes that you see on the display. This will help the engineers to deal with the problem.

Sharp ACs are programmed to display error codes, which denote particular issues and therefore help users and technicians locate and solve them. Also, there are reminder codes (like “E1”), which signal less serious issues, but can be annoying. This code appears when the air filters grow dirty. To prevent damage, the system stops the AC every 720 hours of operating time. The code will stop appearing once the filters are cleaned properly. All Sharp ACs that have a LCD screen have this code. However, older ones do not and therefore do not stop every 720 hours.

This code cannot be cleared by resetting/unplugging the AC. The unit will stop and show the code again after about an hour of operation.

How do I prevent/solve the problem?

Push Power, disconnect the AC from the mains. Plug it back in without releasing the button and wait until the test run is over (about 30 seconds). Let go of the Power button, disconnect the air conditioner, then reconnect it. The error should go away.

When the error comes back after another 720 hour period, repeat the procedure. Keep the filters clean all the time.

Sharp f2 error

Sharp f2 error

If there is F2 flashing on the display, most likely, there is an air filter issue. Please, do not try to fix it yourself unless you have experience with such devices. You are going to have to disassemble the indoor unit.

The filter will be the first thing you will see once you remove the front panel. Be sure that they are clean, not blocked or damaged. If your AC uses R-410A, most likely, it is an inverter type device.

It is programmed to slow down when approaching the set temperature. This option makes it more energy-efficient. This new type of AC implies use of a new type of coolant. It is more advanced and more complex electronically; therefore, it takes more skill and knowledge to handle issues, if any.

In most cases, this is not a big problem. Try checking the thermistor in the front part of the indoor unit. It is a tiny device with two small wires connected to the main electronic board. Check each wire for continuity (it should not be lower than 10 kOhm).

Sharp e1 error

Sharp e1 error

Most frequently, E1 appears on the display when there is a problem with the air filter, or the unit is automatically reminding you of the necessity to clean it after a certain number of hours of operation. There are models, which are programmed to do so after, for example, 720 hours of operation, when it is quite advisable to check the filter and clean it, if necessary. Also, the error may appear when buttons on the front panel begin to stick due to moist or dirt.

How do I fix it?

Most likely, you won’t be able to restart your AC until you clear the error.

  1. If the code has appeared as a reminder, switch off your AC, disconnect it from the mains and clean the air filter.
  2. If this proves to be due to stuck control buttons, switch off your unit, disconnect it from the mains and clean/dry the buttons using compressed air.
  3. This may also be due to a faulty thermistor. If that is the case, contact your local technical service provider. Do not get into the unit’s interior unless you have technical experience.
  4. Once you have done all these steps, the error will be cleared, so you can operate your unit again.

Sharp e3 error

Sharp e3 error

The E3 error occurs due to a contaminated filter. It will need a good cleaning.

A blocked filter reduces air flow and results in a cool-down, because slowly moving air will pick up more cold air.

To fix the problem, remove the filter and run the unit without it for about 10 minutes.