Air conditioner installation layout

Positioning outdoor and indoor units of split systems depends on the type of climate control equipment, architectural features of a building, and the preferences of a client.

Mounting personnel apply different installation layouts of air conditioners. The standard installation layout is the most popular:

  • outdoor unit is placed under a window;
  • the length of a drainage path between units of a split system is not more than 5 m;
  • inter-unit communication lines are stored inside a building in an ornamental plastic duct;
  • communication lines outside a building are not fastened to a wall;
  • the system drains outside.

Apart from the standard installation variant, a split system can also be installed with a hidden drainage path or a hidden drainage path into sewage. In addition, an outdoor unit can be placed on a wall near a balcony, on a balcony’s partition, on a balcony’s partition made of rods, or on lower floors. A non-standard installation and the installation of multi-split systems are also possible.

In the case of multi-split system installation, our specialists will select the ideal installation layout for air conditioners with two or more indoor units.

Air conditioner installation layout

Standard installation layout

Standard installation consists in the positioning of an outdoor unit under a window with no need to engage industrial climbers, elevated work platforms, and building timber. The length of a freon path must be less than 5 m.

The main distinctive feature of the standard installation is that its work scope and price are clear and fixed. The standard mounting of a wall-type air conditioner with low output will cost 8k rubles. The mounting of split systems with higher output can be more expensive.

Non-standard installation layouts of air conditioners

Positioning an outdoor unit on a wall near a balcony. This non-standard installation type doesn’t enhance cost of work much, and freon paths are not laid through a balcony’s partition.

You don’t need to engage industrial climbers for the installation of an outdoor unit.


Outdoor unit fixation to a concrete wall or a brick partition of a balcony.

This variant of non-standard installation includes not only the extension of a freon path, but also need to penetrate two wall structures which means that communication lines to outdoor unit must penetrate a front side and a balcony’s partition.




Positioning an outdoor unit of an air conditioner on a balcony’s partition made of rods.

When an outdoor unit is placed on a partition made of rods, installation personnel has to drill a hole in a front wall and select a secure attachment device before installation of a unit. Also, this type of installation requires attaching freon paths to an external wall and to a balcony’s floor.


An outdoor unit installation on a wall by industrial climbers or using an elevated work platform.

This way to install an outdoor unit is considered as the most difficult and expensive. The installation cost includes the price of elevated works or the rent price of special-purpose equipment.


An outdoor unit installation on a wall of a one-storey building.

Usually, a non-standard installation of climate control equipment in a private low storey house includes two stages. On the first stage, network cable and inter-unit communications are laid. On the second stage, indoor and outdoor units are installed. In order to avoid ruining a pavement around a house, water drainage system must exit to sewage instead of exiting outside.


The installation of a multi-split system and the installation of an outdoor unit under a window.

When the installation of a multi-split system is carried out, it is necessary to find such a position of indoor and outdoor units that will make the length of a freon path as short as possible. On the picture, you can see that an outdoor unit is located under a window, and this position is usual for the standard installation type. However, to install a multi-split system, the arrangement of service lines for two indoor units has to be carried out.