Lloyd Air Conditioner Error Code

Lloyd air conditioner error code

Lloyd is an Indian Engineering Group with more than 60 years of history. Lloyd manufactures air conditioning systems of different types, from window, split, tower and cassette air conditioners, to portable models.

If your Lloyd air conditioner has stopped blowing cool air or there are any other signs of a breakdown, act immediately, or you may have to stay without decent heating or cooling.

Just look at the display and jot down the error code. Now you are ready to look it up in the table below. This Lloyd air conditioner fault codes list is easy to use and helpful. It will give you a chance even to fix the appliance one your own in case of a minor problem.

Lloyd AC cl error

Lloyd ac cl error

CL is not actually a fault code. It is an indication that the Child Lock is activated.

This function deactivates the control panels in an operation mode to prevent accidental pushing by a child and disruption of the settings. However, the on/off button will remain active.

The Child Lock mode is activated and deactivated by pressing and holding for a respective button for 3 seconds.

Lloyd AC df error

Lloyd ac df error

The DF fault code signals a defrost mode issue. If your AC is operating, it will get back into a normal operating state by itself. It will happen so if your AC is on.

If your AC is off, and the DF fault code is there, there is an anti-cold-wind problem. This is more typical of a situation when a Lloyd AC is used to heat up a room. The error will disappear once the coil pipe heats up to a specific temperature.

Lloyd AC e3 error

Lloyd ac e3 error

In Lloyd ACs, the E3 error occurs due when the condenser on the outdoor unit fails or is contaminated. If you see it, check the condenser and clean it, if necessary. If the error is still there, address a qualified technician.

Lloyd AC e4 error

Lloyd ac e4 error

If the error appears on the display, please, take the following steps:

  1. Check the compressor’s winding continuity and operation current. Be sure they are at a normal level.
  2. Check pressure and make sure it is normal when the unit is in the operation mode.
  3. Check the coil pipe sensor and connection between the circuit board and the inserter. Be sure that the coil pipe temp sensor is connected properly and not damaged. Monitor evaporation in the indoor unit and make sure the evaporator temperature (shown by the coil pipe temp sensor) has reached the cooling/heating level.
  4. Always keep both units clean. Remove dirt and debris from the body and inside of the units (where you can reach) every time you discover it.
  5. Check the outdoor motor’s and fan’s capacitance; if it is damaged, take steps to replace it.
  6. If none of these activities has revealed any faults or malfunctions, have the control board checked and replaced, if necessary.

Some technicians advise to run the unit for about 20 minutes and check the discharge temperature. To do so, please, take off the covers, so that you can see the compressor. Run your AC for about 20 minutes and measure the temperature of the smaller pipe that runs from the compressor. If it exceeds 90°C, the system may be low on refrigerant (possibly due to a leak). Use professional help only!

Lloyd AC e5 error

Lloyd ac e5 error

The E5 error occurs when the inverter compressor motor overheats. This happens due to lack of refrigerant in the system, which may be due to a failing four-way valve or poor connector contact. Use professional help to fix the problem.

Lloyd AC e6 error

Lloyd ac error code e6

This error code reports a communication failure in cases whereby the outdoor unit does not receive signals from the indoor one for 30 seconds. The outdoor unit and compressor will switch off automatically. If the compressor is shut off in the heating stage, the 4-way valve will be deactivated in 2 minutes.

Likewise, the system will report a communication issue if the indoor unit fails to receive signals from the outdoor one. The indoor unit will switch off, and there will be a blinking light. If there is no communication within a few seconds, the error code will appear, and the unit won’t start. Once the problem is solved, the unit will be reactivated and it will continue the interrupted mode.

Lloyd AC h3 error

Lloyd ac h3 error

The H3 fault code indicates a compressor overload protection issue.

This can happen when it gets hot and humid. If you are going to operate a Lloyd AC, please, be sure that the ambient temperature does not exceed 90°F. Check filters, air inlets and exhaust ports for obstructions and clean them, if necessary.

Lloyd AC p3 error

Lloyd ac p3 error

The causes of the P3 error in Lloyd ACs are:

  1. lack of gas in the system;
  2. the PCB is miscalculating the gas pressure.