LG Art Cool error codes

Lg art cool error codes

LG is a South Korean corporation founded in 1947. Its product range consists mainly of telecommunication systems, electronics, and chemicals. The air conditioning systems manufactured by LG include the Art Cool range of Inverter models characterized with custom design elements and energy-efficient technology.
There can be many signs of a breakdown within your LG Art Cool air conditioner, starting from water puddles and unusual noises. Whatever the reason, it is very important to check the error code, because it is a clue to troubleshooting the appliance. When you find the explanation of the fault codes in the table below, you will be ready to either fix the air conditioning system on your own or book a service engineer.

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LG air error

LG produces advanced air conditioning units, which feature self-diagnostics functions that help troubleshoot issues by displaying codes that denote specific problems. Once you see a code, you know where to look for the problem or you can say the code to a technician while discussing it over the phone. Each model has its own set of error codes.

Identifying errors

In some LG air conditioners an LD displays status and temperature, as well as error codes. Usually, an error code is a flashing “F#” /”E#” or a two-letter combination. There are devices that feature LCD lights, which flash or blink in a specific pattern to indicate a problem.

Short Circuits

Errors also appear when there is a short circuit in an AC and many functions become disabled. For instance, “01” appears when the air sensor is shorted, “02” and “06 flash when the inlet and output pipe sensor s are down (respectively) due to a short circuit; “44” and “45” indicate a problem with the air pipe sensor, etc.

Faulty or loose wiring

Not infrequently, wiring weakens, becomes loose or burnt, which often causes disconnections. If you see “03,” “05,” “52,” “53,” “54,” “55,” there is an issue with the wiring. To find it, you need to use your manual or, better still, consult a trained technician.

Other Codes

Some codes are not actually errors and are cleared by adjusting settings. For example, the “CL” code stands for “Child Lock”, which can be deactivating by a press of a button. To clear it, press and hold the “Min” and “Timer” buttons for a few seconds. If you would like to activate the Child Lock function again, do the same thing. Also, there is a so called Jet Cool mode, which is denoted by the “PO” code appearing on the display. It can be removed by simply turning off the function.

LG C5 error

LG C5 error

The C5 error code indicates poor connection between the outdoor and indoor units or lack of control in either of them due to faulty PCBs. To figure out what it is, professional help should be used.

Check the wires that connect the two units. Try disconnecting and reconnecting one by one and restart the AC. If that does not work, call a qualified technician.

LG C6 error

LG C6 error

C6 is an error code, which appears when the sensor fails. Most likely, it will continue to switch on and off erratically. When it gets too cold or too hot in your house, the thermostat may switch on and off randomly before an appropriate temperature is reached. If you notice that the unit is cycling abnormally, there is a problem with the sensor. Most likely, it needs to be replaced.

The outdoor condenser line temperature sensor is attached to the radiator in the outdoor unit and is wrapped in metal tubing. It is intended for measuring outdoor duct temperatures and helps perform the following functions:

  • Defrosting the outdoor unit.
  • Protecting the equipment against overheating and freezing when the cooling or heating functions are activated.

LG CH24 error

LG CH24 error

The E24 fault code means there is a problem with a high-pressure switch (for multi-V units) and high/low-pressure switch (for DFS mini-split models). To locate the cause, you will need to use a coolant gauge and some diagnostic software.

If there have not been any issues before, it is not likely to be due to excess refrigerant. Try resetting your AC by disconnecting it from the mains. Switch it off and then on again. If the error persists, most likely, there is a refrigerator leak or a faulty pressure switch. If the outdoor unit launches before the code begins to flash, the switches are ok, and the system is low on the refrigerant. Please, check it for leaks and address your local technical service provider.

LG CH26 error

LG CH26 error

The CH26 fault code means that the compressor is not getting voltage. This can be caused by several things.  If your AC is demonstrating unstable work and the code does not appear right after a reset, there may be a problem in the power input system or main PCB. Particularly, the DC link capacitor could have broken down. If the compressor remains silent and the error appears after a reset before the outdoor unit begins to start, most likely, the compressor is bad. This could have happened due to a power surge.

Please, refer to the troubleshooting chart or consult a qualified technician. If the compressor proves to be ok, and the input power system is working properly, there may be an issue in the main PCB. Call a technician and have it replaced professionally.

LG CH34 error

LG CH34 error

The CH34 fault code appears when the unit gets a signal from the safety relay to power down due to a sudden pressure change in the system and thus prevent an overheat.

This problem can be solved as follows:

  1. Do something to shield your AC against direct sunlight, other sources of heat, and bad weather.
  2. Keep condenser coils clean to maintain ventilation.
  3. Set the temperature to the highest point when you need to leave home. This will ensure more effective humidity control and cooling and reduce the load, which will occur once you turn it back down.

Although you do not need to use any specific equipment, please, be cautious: the aluminum fins are sharp and may come off due to physical impact. They are very close together, so you may have difficulty reaching between them for the element, which you need to clean.

It is advisable to remove the AC from its protective house, so that you can get to the coil more easily. This will take a bit of effort.

LG CH35 error

LG CH35 error

The DH35 error code occurs when the system detects a dramatic pressure drop below 15 psig (1 bar). Please, make sure that service valves are open.

In LG systems this happens when the low pressure sensor goes faulty, or the system suddenly runs low on refrigerant due to a leak. Please, check these and restart the AC.

If the AC is cooling well, you can disregard the error and continue to operate your unit. If it is not, there may be a serious issue, which cannot be fixed without professional assistance. Contact your local technical service provider.