Actron air fault codes

Actron air fault codes

The table below provides an explanation of error codes that can be displayed by the air conditioners produced by the Australian company ActronAir. In particular, there are tables explaining fault codes for the ESP Unit, as well as for the controllers from the following ranges: the M Series (AM24 and AM7), C Series (C7-1), D Series 24 Hour (AECSN) and 7 Day (AEC7N).

Actron e1 error

Actron e1 error air conditioner

If there is an E1 error code on your AC’s display, and the unit is not running, there may be a problem with the room thermistor. It is a room temperature sensor connected to the thermostat. Most likely, it is shorted or damaged. Contact a trained technician.

Actron e5 error

Actron e5 error air conditioner

The E5 appears due to activation of heat protection in the outdoor unit or a motor lock.

Most likely, the condenser coil needs to be cleaned.

Make sure that the outdoor motor fan spins freely. Check the rpm. If it is reduced, it may be due to a faulty capacitor, which needs a replacement.

If it is a motor lock, you will need to replace the motor.

Actron e9 error

Actron e9 error

The E9 fault code is related to gas pressure. In most cases, it is caused by the icing up of the unit when under load (during cold seasons).

If the error continues to appear during warmer seasons, it is advisable to check the mother board in both the inside and outside units and replace it if necessary. A user who faced this kind of problem said in his post that after a replacement, the units did work (though less efficiently) in winter. He suggested that there might be a programming fault.

He also resented that Altron showed lack of professionalism, as specialists, who he had consulted, would say different things about a particular problem and how the system should be functioning. He mentioned a possibility of a more radical step – replacement of the whole mother board.

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