York air conditioner troubleshooting

The table lists the most frequent malfunctions of air conditioners, as well as information on the consequences of these failures and how these faults can be handled.

York TLCC21-24FSAAAR air conditioner troubleshooting

Failure phenomenonOperation lampTimer lampDefrosting lampAuto lamp
Over current protection of the compressor occurs 4 timesFlashFlashFlashFlash
Indoor room temp, sensor is open circuit or short circuitXFlashXX
Temp, sensor on indoor evaporator is open circuit or short circuitFlashXXX
Temp, sensor on outdoor condenser is open circuit or short circuit (without cooling only models)XXFlashX
Outdoor unit protects(outdoor compressor current, phase order etc)XXFlashFlash
EEROM errorXFlashXFlash
Indoor unit communication errorXXXFlash

York YHKJXH012BAM–FX air conditioner troubleshooting

Flash times of LED on mainboardTrouble descriptionAnalyze and diagnose
1Eeprom failureOutdoor main board eeprom fail
2I PM failureIPM failure
4Communication error between main board and spdu module SPDU Communiciti on errorCommunication fail over 4 min
5High pressure protectionSystem high pressure over 4.15 Mpa
6Module over-voltage protection(only for Spdu)Send from Spdu module
Module lack-voltage protection(only for Spdu)
8Compressor discharging temperature protectionCompressor discharging temperature over 110 centigrade
9Abnomal of DC motorjam of DC motor or motor failure
10Abnomal of pipe sensorPiping sensor short-circuit or open-circuit
12Abnomal of outdoor ambient sensorOutdoor ambient sensor short-circuit or open-circuit
13Abnormal of compressor dischage sensorCompressor discharging sensor short-circuit or open-circuit
15Communication error between indoor and outdoor unitCommunication fail over 4 min
16Lack of refrigerantcheck if there is leakage in the unit
174-way valve reverse failureAlarm and stop if detect Td-Td<=15 last for 1min after compressor has started for 10min in heating mode, confirm the failure if it appears 3 times in one hour.
18Compressor jam (ony for spdu)Inner compressor is abnormal jamed
19Module EEV select circuit errorModule EEV select wrong circuit
25Compressor U-phase over-currentThe current of compressor U-phase is too high
25Compressor V-phase over-currentThe current of compressor V-phase is too high
25Compressor W-phase over-currentThe current of compressor W-phase is too high
45Low pressure protectionSystem over pressure under 0.05Mpa

York YJHJXH009BARR-FX air conditioner troubleshooting

PhenomenonCause or check points
The system does not restart immediately.• When unit is stopped, it won't restart immediately until 3 minutes have elapsed to protect the system.
• When the electric plug is pulled out and reinserted, the protection circuit will work for 3 minutes to protect the air conditioner.
Noise is heard• During unit operation or at stop, a swishing or gurgling noise may be heard At first 2-3 minutes after unit start, this noise is more noticeable. (This noise is generated by refrigerant flowing in the system.)
• During unit operation, a cracking noise may be heard. This noise is generated by the casing expanding or shrinking because of temperature changes.
• Should there be a big noise from air flow in unit operation, air filter may be too dirty.
Smells are generated.• This is because the system circulates smells from the interior air such as the smell of furniture, paint, cigarettes.
Mist or steam are blown out.• During COOL or DRY operation, indoor unit may blow out mist. This is due to the sudden cooling of indoor air.
In dry mode,fan speed can't be changed.• In DRY mode, when room temperature becomes lower than temp. setting+2 °C,unit will run intermittently at LOW speed regardless of FAN setting.
• The circuit breaker switch is "ON",but not "off’?
• Is there a power failure?
• Is fuse blown out?
Poor cooling• Is the air filter dirty? Normally it should be cleaned every 15 days.
• Are there any obstacles before inlet and outlet?
• Is temperature set correctly?
• Are there some doors or windows left open?
• Is there any direct sunlight through the window during the cooling operation?(Use curtain)
• Are there too much heat sources or too many people in the room during cooling operation?

York YMFFZC018-024BAM-AFX air conditioner troubleshooting

Unit does not start• Power failure.• Wait for the comeback of power.
• Power switch is off.• Switch on the power.
• Fuse of power switch may have burned.• Repl Location:
• Batteries of remote controller exhausted or other problem of controller.• Replace the batterises or check the controller.
Air flowing normally but completely can't cooling• Temperature is not set correctly.• Set the temperature properly.
• Be in 3 minutes protection of compressor.• Wait.
Units start or stop frequently• Refrigerant is too little or too much.• Check leakage, and rightly recharge refrigerant.
• Air or no concretingc gas in the refrigerating circuit.• Vacuum and recharge refrigerant.
• Compressor is malfunction.• Maintenance or change compressor.
• Voltage is too high or too low.• Install manostat.
• System circuit is blocked.• Find reasons and solution.
Low cooling effect• Outdoor unit and indoor unit heat exchanger is dirty.• Clean the heat exchanger.
• The air filter is dirty.• Clean the air filter.
• Inlet/outlet of indoor/outdoor units is blocked.• Eliminate all dirties and make air smooth.
• Doors and windows are open• Close doors and windows.
• Sunlight directly shine.• Make curtains in order to shelter from sunshine.
• Too much heat resource.• Reduce heat source.
• Outdoor temp, is too high.• AC cooling capacity reduces (normal).
• Leakage of refrigerant or lack of refrigerant.• Check leakage and rightly recharge refrigerant.
Low heating effect• Outdoor temperature is lower than TC• Use heating device.
• Doors and windows not completely closed.• Close doors and windows.
• Leakage of refrigerant or lack of refrigerant.• Check leakage and rightly recharge refrigerant.
The fan speed can not be changed.• Check whether the MODE indicated on the display is "AUTO"When the automatic mode is selected, the air conditioner will automatically change the fan speed.
• Check whether the MODE indicated on the display is "DRY"When dry operation is selected, the air conditioner automatically change the fan speed. The fan speed can be selected during "COOL", "FAN ONLY", and "HEAT".
The remote controller signal is not transmitted even when the ON/OFF button is pushed.• Check whether the batteries in the remote controller are exhausted.The power supply is off.
The TEMP, indicator does not come on.• Check whether the MODE indicated on the display is FAN ONLYThe temperature cannot be set during FAN mode.
The indication on the display disappears after a lapse of time.• Check whether the timer operation has come to an end when the TIMER OFF is indicated on the display.The air conditioner operation will stop up to the set time.
The TIMER ON indicator goes off after a lapse of certain time.• Check whether the timer operation is started when the TIMER ON is indicated on the display.Up to the set time, the air conditioner will automatically start and the appropriate indicator will go off.
No receiving tone sounds from the indoor unit even when the ON/OFF button is pressed.• Check whether the signal transmitter of the remote controller is properly directed to the infrared signal receiver of the indoor unit when the ON/OFF button is pressed.Directly transmit the signal transmitter of the remote controller to the infrared signal receiver of the indoor unit, and then repeatly push the ON/OFF button twice.

York YOCC-YOHC 12-60 air conditioner troubleshooting

ProblemProbable causeRemedy
A. The air conditioner does not run.1. Power Failure.1. Wait for Power resume.
2. Fuse blown or circuit breaker open.2. Replace the fuse or reset the breaker.
3. Voltage is too low.3. Find the cause and fix it.
4. Faulty contactor or relay.4. Replace the faulty component.
5. Electrical connections loose.5. Retighten the connection.
6. Thermostat adjustment too low (in heating mode) or too high (in cooling mode).6. Check Thermostat setting.
7. Faulty Capacitor.7. Find the cause then replace Capacitor.
8. Incorrect wiring, terminal loose.8. Check and retighten.
9. Pressure switch tripped.9. Find the cause before reset.
B. The outdoor fan runs but the compressor will not start.1. Motor winding cut or grounded.1. Check the wiring and the compressor winding resistance.
2. Faulty Capacitor.2. Find the cause then replace Capacitor.
C. There is insufficient heating or cooling.1. There is a gas leak.1. Remove charge, repair, evacuate and recharge.
2. Liquid and gas line insulated together.2. Insulate them separately.
3. The room was probably very hot (cool) when you started the system.3. Wait while unit has enough time to cool the room.
D. The compressor run continuously.1. Thermostat adjustment too low (in heating mode) or too high (in cooling mode).1. Check Thermostat setting.
2. Faulty fan.2. Check condenser air circulation.
3. Refrigerant charge too low, leak.3. Find leak, repair and recharge.
4. Air or incondensable in refrigerant circuit.4. Remove charge, evacuate and recharge.
E. The compressor starts but shuts down quickly.1. Too much or too little refrigerant.1. Remove charge, evacuate and recharge.
2. Faulty compressor.2. Determine the cause and replace compressor.
3. Air or incondensable in refrigerant circuit.3. Remove charge, evacuate and recharge.
4. Changeover valve damaged or blocked open (heat pump unit).4. Replace it.
F. Clicking sound is heard from the air conditioner.In heating or cooling operation any plastic parts may expand or shrink due to a sudden temperature change in this event, a clicking sound may occur.In heating or cooling operation any plastic parts may expand or shrink due to a sudden temperature change in this event, a clicking sound may occur.

York YWHJZH0012BAMKAFX air conditioner troubleshooting

The unit does not operate:• The unit does not operate if it is turned on immediately after it is turned off. This is to protect the unit. You should wait about 3 minutes.
Odours are emitted:• Some odours may be emitted from the indoor unit. This is the result of room smells (such as fumlture.tobacco.ect.) which have been taken into the air conditioner.
• Consult authorized service center for cleaning if the odours still exist.
"Water flowing" noise:• The swishing noise like water flowing is the refrigerant flowing inside the unit.
Mist is emitted in COOL mode• During cooling operation, a thin mist may be seen emitted from the indoor unit due to high room temperature and humidity. After a period of time, the mist will disappear with the decrease of room temperature and humidity.
Cracking noise:• This is the sound of friction caused by expansion and/or contraction of panel or other parts due to the change of temperature.
The unit can not be started up:• Is the power cut off?
• Is the power plug loose? (if applicable)
• Is the circuit protection device tripped off?
• Is voltage higher or lower? (Tested by professionals)
• Is the TIMER correctly used?
Cooling/Heating effect is poor:• Is temperature setting appropriate?
• Is the inlet or outlet blocked?
• Is the filter dirty?
• Is the window or the door open?
• Is low fan speed set?
• Are there heat sources in the room?
Remote controller is not available:• Check if there is magnetic or electrical interference near the unit that may affecting operation of the controller. In this case, pull the plug out and reinsert it.
• Is the remote controller within its operating range or obstructed? Check the condition of the batteries and replace them if necessary.
• Check if the remote controller is damaged.
Water leakage of indoor unit:• The humidity is high.
• Condensing water overflows.
• Drain hose is loose.
Water leakage of outdoor unit:• During cooling operation, water condensate is generated around the pipes and connection joints.
• During defrosting operation.the thaw water flows out.
• During heating operation.the water on the heat exchanger drips out.
Noise from indoor unit.• The noise emitted when the fan or compressor relay is switching on or off.
• When the defrosting operation is started or stopped, there is a sound of refrigerant flowing in the reverse direction.