Westinghouse Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

It’s difficult to repair an air conditioner, but it is quite possible. Of course, there are a number of breakdowns that only professional specialist can handle, but there are also the malfunctions which do not require professional help. Possible causes of failures can be found in the table below.

MalfunctionPossible causes
The appliance does not operatePower failure/plug pulled out
Damaged indoor/outdoor unit fan motor
Faulty compressor thermomagnetic circuit breaker
Faulty protective device or fuses.
Loose connections or plug pulled out
It sometimes stops operating to protect the appliance.
Voltage higher or lower than the voltage range
Active TIMER-ON function
Damaged electronic control board
Strange odourDirty air filter
Noise of running waterBack flow of liquid in the refrigerant circulation
A fine mist comes from the air outletThis occurs when the air in the room becomes very cold, for example in the COOLING or DEHUMIDIFYING/DRY modes.
A strange noise can be heardThis noise is made by the expansion or contraction of the front panel due to variations in temperature and does not indicate a problem.
Insufficient airflowUnsuitable temperature setting.
Obstructed air conditioner intakes and outlets.
Dirty air filter.
Fan speed set at minimum.
Other sources of heat in the room.
No refrigerant.
The appliance does not respond to commandsRemote control is not near enough to indoor unit.
The batteries of remote control nearly have no power.
Obstacles between remote control and signal receiver in indoor unit.
The display is offActive LIGHT function
Power failure
Switch off the air conditioner immediately and cut off the power supply in the event of:Strange noises during operation.
Faulty electronic control board
Faulty fuses or switches.
Spraying water or objects inside the appliance.
Overheated cables or plugs.
Very strong smells coming from the appliance.