Portable air conditioner GLOBAL INDUSTRIAL troubleshooting

1. Unit does not Start when
Pressing on/off Button
- P1 appears in the display windowDrain the water in the bottom tray.
- Room temperature is lower than the set temperature. (Cooling mode)Reset the temperature.
2. Not cool enough- The windows or doors in the room are not closed.Make sure all the windows and doors are closed.
- There are heat sources inside the room.Remove the heat sources if possible.
- Exhaust air duct is not connected or blocked.Connect the duct and make sure it can function properly
- Temperature setting is too high.Decrease the set temperature.
- Air filter is blocked by dust.Clean the air filter.
3. Noisy or vibration- The ground is not level or not flat enough.Place the unit on a flat, level ground if possible.
4. Gurgling sound- The sound comes from the flowing of the refrigerant inside the air-conditioner.It is normal.