Mobile Air Conditioner troubleshooting

The air conditioner “does not work”, “does not cool down”, “does not switch on”, “does not respond to the signal from the remote controller” – this is not a complete list of all air conditioner malfunctions. The first thing to do with such breakdowns is to check the power supply, to make sure if there is voltage, and also check the battery charge in the remote controller. After that you need to take a look one more list of possible causes of device failure:

Models :-

To be done by a suitably qualified person. If in doubt, consult a service engineer.

The air conditioner does not work. Power supply fault.
1. Not plugged in.
2. Bad plug or socket Fuse blown
1. Plug in correctly.
2. Change the plug or the socket.
3. change/replace fuse.
The indicator shows the run mode, but it does not run. The timer is set at on time.Close the timer or wait for it to run automatically.
In cooling mode, no cool air is coming out. 1. The room temperature is lower than the temperature you have set.
2. There is frost on the evaporator.
1. It is normal.
2. The unit is defrosting. It will run after defrosting is finished.
In dehumidifying mode, no cool air is coming out. Take off the air filter. There is frost on the surface of the evaporator The unit is defrosting. It will run after defrosting is finished.
LCD window shows “E1” 1. Power supply was unstable.
2. Something wrong with the unit.
Stop the air conditioner by switching off the power supply. Start it 10 minutes later. If it still displays “E1”, call a service engineer.
LCD window shows “E4” The water tank is full Drain the water

Mobile Air Conditioner Maintenance

Maintenance Methods:
• Switch off unit and unplug before cleaning.
• Do not use chemical solvent to clean the surface of the unit, otherwise the surface will get

Air Filter:
• Over time, the air filter may become blocked with dust and the airflow volume will reduce.
Clean the filter once every two weeks, as stated below:

1. open the air filter cover upwards, then take off the air filter.
2. take the air filter out of filter cover.

To Clean the Filter:
Wash the air filter by immersing it gently into warm water (about 40ºC), containing a
neutral detergent. Rinse the filter of detergent and dry it thoroughly.

Replacing the Filter:
1. attach the filter to the filter cover with the attachment hooks on the inside surface of the
2. Place the hooks at the bottom of the filter cover into the holes in the case. Push it back into
its original position.

Keep Surface Clean:
Clean the surface of the unit with a damp cloth, then dry it with a duster or similar.

Water Tank:
1. Hold the handle of water tank and pull out slowly.
2. Pour out the water, clean with neutral detergent (about 40ºC). Wash and dry it
carefully and then push the tank back.