LG Floor Standing Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Lg floor standing air conditioner troubleshooting

Only advanced technologies are used in different types of LG air conditioners: from modern inverter compressors and powerful air cleaning and ionization systems to the most advanced LG air conditioner troubleshooting system. Home air conditioners, semi-industry air conditioners, multi division and VRF systems of LG’s line meet the highest calls in terms of technology as well as possession of a modern attractive design.

LG Floor Standing AC Troubleshooting

No cooling and heating operation performed

Other parts than the unitElectric supply interrupted Defective power wiring Cut of power fuseMeasure it with a tester in case that the same power source is supplied to other equipment than the unit, what and where trouble can be discovered by checking the operation of other equipment.Repair a switch box and is relative instrument. Replacement of fuse Request a power supplier to repair
Other parts than the unitToo low voltageMeasure it with a tester.Check the power source. Use a thick cable if necessary.
Magnetic switch for compressor & fan motor Control point is on condition of "OFF" due to trouble.Make short-circuit, then measure it with a tester.Replace it if necessary.
Operating switchTroubled or defective contactorCheck it with the eyes or tester.Repair or replace it.
Protection devicesOpened the contact point with troubleDiscover the trouble cause and push the rest button.

Only blowers do not work

Air volume change over
Troubled or defective
contact point
Check it with the eyes or a
Repair or replace it
CapacitorDefectedCheck it with a testerReplace it

Only outdoor fan does not work

Layer short
Check how it is insulatedRepair or replace it
Electric WiringOpen wire on operation
Short circuited on
Check it with a testeRewiring or repair

Only compressor does not work

Magnetic switch for compressor motorDefective contact, magnetic coil troubled.Check it with the eyes on with a tester.Repair or replace it.
Compressor motorTroubled over-heated (layer short)Check how it is insulated.
CompressorTroubled or over-heated (lock)Groaned noise of motor
High pressure switchTroubled or defective contact or operatingCheck it with a tester.
Electric circuitDefective connection or disconnection of the circuit for compressor.Rewiring or push reset button.

The Units discontinue after the operation started

Other parts than the unitImproper opening of the service valves in the refrigerant lineCheckingOpen it properly
Outdoor coilCoil is dirty *1Wash it by means of something like chemical washing.
In-condensable gas blended.Air intruded into the refrigerant pipe line *1In the event that difference between the saturating temperature corresponding to highpressure and the temperature of air discharged from the outdoor coil is more than 15°C, incondensable gas may be blended.Extract air by vacuum pump, then recharge the refrigerant.
High pressure switchImproper adjustmentCheck it with a pressure gauge.Readjust it to normal operating pressure.
Don't alternate the specified adjusting pressure. If the adjusted pressure exceeds the specified range, it will cause a great accident.
RefrigerantA shortage of refrigerant amount. * 2Recharge the refrigerant. Repair the spot where it leaks.
Outdoor FanReverse rotation of fan
Air short circuit *1
Confirm the wind blowing out.
Check it with eyes.
If reversed, connect interchanged wires to each terminal.
Power wirings.

The unit is working, but not cooling and heating sufficiently

(Both blower and compressor are working)

LoadMuch heat loadHeat load increased.
Window or door has many cracks or gaps.
Do necessary disposal respectively.
Air flowObstacle disturbs Intake of uniform wind.CheckingCorrect it.
Short air volumeReverse rotation of blower.
RefrigerantShortage in the charged refrigerant.Coil inlet pipe is frosted Replenish it.
(Repair the leakage spot)
Air passageImproper or foreign bodiesCheckingCorrect or clear the foreign bodies.
Air filterClogged with dustCleaning

All the functions are performed normally, but LG AC very noisily and much vibratively

CompressorLiquid refrigerant flooding
back from the evaporator.
• Check for refrigerant over-charge.
• Check to see if the intaking air temperature is
extremely cold.
• Check for insufficient air flow quantity.
CompressorCompressor shipping
bracket is not removed.
• Checking• Remove the shipping bracket.
CompressorFaulty discharge valve and
suction valve.
• Checking• Replace the compressor
BlowerFan broken.
Other materials intruded.
• Checking• Repair or replace it.
• Clear the other material
ScrewsLooseness or fail-off of
• CheckingRepair
Electric troubles
Defective contact.
Defective contact point.
Rusting and faults in the iron
core contact face. Defective
contact of the
operating switch.
• CheckingRepair and clean or replace it.
OthersImproper installation• CheckingCorrect it.

LG portable air conditioner troubleshooting

ProblemPossible CausesSolutions
Air conditioner will not start• The air conditioner plug is not completely inserted in the electrical outlet.• Make sure electrical plug is plugged completely into a live, properly grounded outlet.
• The house fuse is blown or the circuit breaker has tripped.• Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker. Make sure that there are no other appliances on the same circuit.
• Power failure.• If a power failure occurs, turn the power OFF. When power is restored, wait 3 minutes before restarting the air conditioner.
• The integrated circuit breaker in the plug has tripped.• Press the RESET button on the air conditioner plug.
If the reset button will not stay engaged, unplug the air conditioner and contact a qualified service technician.
• FL appears in the display.• The water collection tank is full. Drain the tank and reset your settings.
• Room temperature is less than the set temperature.• This is normal. The air conditioner automatically shuts off when the room equals or is less than the set temperature. Adjust the temperature setting, if needed.
Air conditioner does not cool properly• Airflow is restricted.• Make sure there is sufficient clearance around the air conditioner and that the air inlet and outlet are not blocked by furniture, curtains, etc.
• The air filter is dirty.• Clean the air filter at least every two weeks.
• The room is very hot, or not enough time allowed for cooling.• When first turned on, allow the air conditioner sufficient time to cool the room.
• Cold air is escaping.• Check for open furnace floor registers or cold air returns, or open windows or doors.
• Cooling coils have iced up.• In especially hot, humid weather and when the air conditioner is running frequently or for extended periods, ice can form on the cooling coils, blocking air flow. Set the controls to High Fan (F3) or High Cool (F3), and set to a warmer temperature.
Air conditioner runs too often or too long• Area to be cooled is too large for the air conditioner.• Consult your dealer for the air conditioner capacity necessary to cool the desired area.
• Doors or windows are open.• Make sure doors and windows are closed.