Admiral Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

You may not notice some air conditioner malfunction signals at first, but deterioration in its functioning can be seen right away (especially in hot season). The main types of malfunctions of air conditioners are listed in the table below.

Admiral AAW-08CM1FHUE Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Air conditioner will not operateNo power to the unit.Check connection of power cord to power source.
Check fuse or circuit breaker.
Set FAN CONTROL to position other than "OFF".
Inefficient or no coolingDirty air filter.Clean or replace air filter.
Inappropriate capacity for application.Check with dealer to determine proper unit capacity for application.
Blocked air flow.Remove obstruction from grill or outdoor louvers.
Power interruption, settings change too quickly, or compressor overload tripped.Let fan run to restart (in approximately 10 minutes).
Noisy unitLoose parts.Tighten loose parts.
Inadequate support.Provide additional support to unit.
OdorsFormation of mold, mildew, or algae on wet surfaces.Remove drain plug and drain base pan.
Replace drain plug.
Clean unit thoroughly.
Water dripping outsideCondensation run-off is normal during hot and humid weatherAdd flexible tubing to redirect water flow.
Water dripping insideUnit is not properly angled to allow water to drain outside.Unit must be installed on an angle for proper condensation run-off. Check the unit and make adjustments.
Ice or frost build-upLow outside temperature.When outdoor temperature is approximately 65F or below, frost may form when unit is in cooling mode. Switch unit to FAN (only) operation until frost melts.
Unit air filter is dirty.Remove and clean filter.

Admiral PAC Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Does not runIf the protector trip or fuse is blown.
Please wait for 3 minutes and start again, protector device may be preventing unit from working.
If batteries in the remote controller exhausted.
If the plug is not properly plugged in.
Runs for a short while only If the set temperature is close to room temperature, you can lower the set temperature.
Air outlet blocked by obstacle.
Take the obstacle away.
Runs but not coolingIf the door or window is open.
If there is another heating appliance working, like heater or lamp, etc. .
The air filter is dirty, please clean it.
Air outlet or intake blocked.
Set temperature is too high.
Water leaks during movingDrain the condensate before moving.
Does not run and water full indicator lightsPull out the rubber plug to drain water.
If it is often in this state, please contact qualified service technicial.