Central Air Conditioner Doesn’t Work At All

Possibly, it is because of electrical problems. These problems are usually caused by an incorrect installation or usage of the system. One example of an incorrect installation is when installers had muddled connection cables, and it resulted in poor operation or a failure to operate at all. Problems also appear when voltage variations occur in a room frequently. In this case, control boards of indoor or outdoor units break down frequently. After this, it is needed to replace a cardboard in an air conditioner by addressing an authorized dealer. When electric problems occur, the lights (indicators) on an indoor unit blink, and it indicates that a breakdown has occurred. If you have an expensive model of a split-system, you can pinpoint a problem by viewing error codes and blinking periodicity.

Air Conditioner Doesn’t Cool Well

In this case, if you address an authorized service company, the most important thing is to describe the breakdown properly. For example, if an air conditioner doesn’t cool (it blows only hot air), it may indicate that freon has ended in a split system, so adding it will be required. And if an air conditioner doesn’t work properly (can’t blow strongly), the maintenance, including cleaning and reloading, is needed.

Air Conditioner Doesn’t Blow Air

The most widespread reason why an air conditioner doesn’t blow air and stops working is that you had violated service conditions, specified in the operating manual of your air conditioner. To determine what exact breakdown of your air conditioner has occurred, professional diagnosis of an air conditioner will be needed.

Air Conditioner Leaks Water

This is a drainage problem. If your air conditioner leaks, usually it is a draining problem, which can be solved by cleaning an air conditioner and punching drainage. If your air conditioner started leaking, call professionals, who will carry out diagnosis and eliminate a defect.

Air conditioner smells bad

An air conditioner produces condensate, which drains outside or to a canalization. There is a drainage reservoir in an air conditioner, and it can rot during winter, leading to bacteria growth. Usually such a smell appears at the first start of an air conditioner in spring. If the smell has not disappeared after some time, you have to clean an indoor unit and decontaminate your air conditioner. For this purpose, call service companies which can remove the smell. In most cases, bad smell from an air conditioner disappears after its decontamination.

Air conditioner blowing hot air

When an air conditioner was set to blow cold air, but instead of it blows warm or hot air, the problem consists in the malfunction of control card or the improper intra-unit connection.

Can you catch a cold from air conditioning?

An air conditioner, as well as any other type of climate control equipment, can cause harm instead of benefit if used improperly. In order to avoid it, you have to follow several simple rules:
– Air flow from an air conditioner must not blow at people. You can regulate a blowing direction using flaps.
– Difference between a temperature outside and inside should not exceed 5 — 7°С.