Trane air conditioner troubleshooting

Malfunctions due to wear and tear usually occur with “veterans” of climate technology, but they mainly happen because of a non-compliance with the maintenance schedule. Breakdowns of air conditioners related to mechanic parts, if not fixed on time, always result in the failure of the compressor, which is very sensitive to disturbances in the operating mode.

Indoor unit does not give cool air immediately when unit starts.Compressor restarts after approximately three minutes to protect itself. On compressor restarting units starts to give cool air again.
Unusual odor blowing from outlet when unit is started.Open the door or window for 2 minutes and run the AC in Fan mode to allow fresh air inside the room. This helps to remove odors from inside the room.
Sound of water ow during operation.This is caused by refrigerant owing inside the unit
Formation of mist while coolingRoom air is cooled quickly by cold air ow which looks like fog
Creaking noise during start or stopDeformation of plastic because of temperature change.
Unit does not operate Check electrical system connections, cords and fuses.
Check if power supply is within 10% of rated supply.
Decreased cooling eciencyCheck 'set temperature' .
Check for obstructions in air inlet and outlet.
Check air lters for dirt.
Check indoor fan speed.
Check any other openings in the room
Remote control does not work correctlyCheck e ective distance to indoor unit.
Check low battery error indication on remote display.

Trane air conditioner troubleshooting

ProblemsPossible causes
Air conditioner does not run upon immediately restart after a stop.To protect the air conditioner upon immediate restart after a stop, the microcomputer controller will delay the unit for 3 minutes before the air conditioner will run.
Air conditioner blows out bad smell when it is initially started The air conditioner itself has no bad smell Solution: Clean the air filter
* If the problem persists after cleaning the filters, the air conditioner should be cleaned and serviced by an Authorized Trane dealer)
You may hear "Water Flowing" noise when the air conditioner is runningWhen the air conditioner is started, or the compressor is started or stopped during running or the air conditioner is stopped, sometimes you may hear the flowing sound of refrigerant.
Sometimes a thin fog will flow out of the outlet when air conditioner is running under cooling mode.This might occur when indoor temperature and humidity are high. This is because the indoor air is quickly cooled down.
After a period of time, the fog will disappear with the decrease of indoor temperature and humidity.
You may hear a slight crack when the air conditioner is started or stoppedThis is the sound caused by expansion of plastic panel or other parts due to the change of temperature
The unit can not run* Has the power been shut down?
* Does power plug come loose from the socket?
* Is the circuit protection device tripped off or not?
* Is voltage higher or lower? (Tested by professionals)
* Is the Timer correctly used?
Cooling(Heating) efficiency is not good* Is Temp. setting suitable?
* Were inlet and outlet vents obstructed?
* Is there too much dust accumulated and obstructed the filter?
* Are the windows and doors closed?
* Did Fan speed set at low speed?
* Is there any heat sources in the room?
Wireless remote control is not functioning* Is it in its receiving range? Or obstructed?
* Check and/or replace the batteries.
* The wireless remote control is damaged
Water leakage in the room* The air humidity is on the high side
* Water overflowing due to blocked drain tube. Call your Authorized Trane dealer. * The connection position of indoor unit drainage pipe is loose.
Water leakage in outdoor unit* When the unit is running in the COOL mode, moisture from the indoor space will be discharged from the drain pipe.
* When the unit is running in the HEAT mode, moisture may drip from the outdoor coil.
* When the unit is running in Auto Defrost mode, frost that has formed on the outdoor coil will be thawed
Noise is emitted from the indoor unit* The sound of the fan or compressor relay switching on or off.
* When the defrost mode is starting or stopping, the sound of refrigerant flow changing direction may be heard
No air is being delivered from the indoor unit* In the HEAT mode, if the temperature of the indoor coil is very low, the fan will stop for up to 3 minutes to prevent the delivery of cold air.
* In the HEAT mode, frost may accumulate on the outdoor coil due to low outdoor temperature and/or high outdoor humidity. The unit will automatically switch to defrost mode, and the indoor unit will stop blowing air for approximately 8-10 minutes. During the defrost cycle, moisture may flow from the outdoor unit and steam may be observed.
* In the dehumidifying mode, the indoor fan occasionally stops to avoid condensing water to be re-vaporized.
Moisture on the guide louverIf the unit is running for extended periods of time in high humidity conditions, moisture may accumulate on the guide louver

Trane air conditioner error codes

Error codesError DescriptionError Displayed on
0x01EEPROM communication errorError 01 EEPROM communication error
0x02Compressor Failure error or refrigerant leakageError 02 OutDoor Unit Error
0x03Filter choke ErrorError 03 Filter choke error - Clean the fiter
0x04Indoor Room temperature sensor errorError 04 Room temp sensor failure
0x06Indoor coil temperature sensor errorError 06 Indoor temp sensor failure
0x08Communication errorError 08 Communication error
0x09Low batteryError 09 Low battery please change the battery
0x0AInput Power ErrorError 10 IDU Input Power Problem
0x0BIDU Error - Fan failureError 11 IDU Error - Fan Failure
0x0DCommunication error (IDU to ODU)Error 13: Communication error (IDU to ODU)
0x0EOutdoor discharge temperature sensor errorError 14: Outdoor discharge temperature sensor error
0x0FOutdoor EEPROM parameter reading errorError 15 : Outdoor EEPROM parameter reading error
0x13IPM module failureError 19: IPM module failure
0x14High/ Low Voltage protectionError 20 :High/Low Voltage protection
0x17Compressor position protectionError 23: Compressor position protection
0x1AOutdoor Condenser coil temperature sensor errorError 26: Outdoor Condenser coil temperature error
0x1EOutdoor temperature sensor errorError 30: Outdoor Temperature sensor error
-Remote not in network rangeNetwork not found
-Connect to network (if user did factory reset on the remote)Connect to network
-AC switched OFF
(main power OFF)
Set point temp +
Infrared activated +
No network found
Lock with AC
-Lock not installedNight latch failed
Lock not installed
-Night latch not operatingNight latch failed
Please check your lock
-Door OpenNight latch failed
Door open

Trane Xl1200, XR12 air conditioner troubleshooting

ProblemPossible causeRemedy
Insufficient heating or coolinga. dirty filtersa. clean or replace
b. air not circulating freelyb. check supply registers and return grills for blockage
c. blocked outdoor coilc. clear away leaves or other debris
Failure to operatea. power offa. make sure main switch is in ON position
b. open circuit breaker or burned-out fusesb. reset circuit breaker, or replace burned-out fuses
c. improperly adjusted thermostatc. check setting, adjust thermostat
Blue auxiliary heat light onWhen outdoor temperature falls, intermittent lighting is normalMonitor light. If it stays on continuously when above 30F, or if it comes on when 50F outdoors, call for service.
No Heating or Cooling - Blower does not operateBlower door removed or ajarClose door securely to restore power to blower
Unusual NoiseCall your local servicer