Sharp air conditioner Error Codes

Sharp air conditioner error codes

Is it possible to fix the air conditioner on your own or should you book an engineer at once? Check the list of Sharp air error codes for the answer. It contains error codes and brief explanation of what is going on. You will also know the possible causes of the malfunction (for instance, if there is noise or if you can see the mist or dust coming out of the unit). This easy to use guide allows you to trace the significance of the fault codes and provides trouble shooting help.
In case you decide to call tech support, it is a good idea to inform it about Sharp air error codes that you see on the display. This will help the engineers to deal with the problem.

Error codeFault
E0Water pump malffunction
EHigh pressure protection of compressor
E2Indoor anti-frozen of compressor
E3Low pressure protection of compressor
E4Air discharge high-temperature protection of compressor
E5Overload protection of compressor
E6Transmit malfunction
E8Indoor fan protection
E9Water flow protection
F0Malfunction of indoor environment sensor at air return vent
FEvaporator sensor malfunction
F2Condenser sensor malfunction
F3Outdoor environment sensor malfunction
F4Malfunction of air discharge sensor
F5Malfunction of environment sensor on displayer
FFConnected control communications Failure
EEButtons are locked (not failure)

Sharp Portable type room air conditioner Error Codes

TroublesPossible CausesSolutions
The air conditioner doesn't start.The power supply is not connected well.
The power plug is not inserted tightly.
There is the malfunction of power plug or socket.
The fuse is broken.
1. Insert the power plug tightly.
2. Replace the power plug or socket.
3. Ask for the maintenance man to replace the fuse.
Although it was set to COOL mode, there is no cool wind.1. The room temperature is lower than the set temp.
2. The evaporator frosts.
1. This is the normal phenomenon. Unit is running in defrosting operation, it will resume running in original operation after defrosting.
Although it was set the DRY mode, there is no cool windThe evaporator frosts.1. Unit is running in defrosting operation, it will resume running in original oration after defrosting.
The LED displays "E5".Low voltage over current protection.Cut off power supply, after 10 minutes, turn on the unit,
if " still be displays, please inform the maintenance man to maintain.
The LED displays"H8".The water tank gets full.Pour out water in the tank
The LED displays"F1".Malfunction of Ambient temperature sensor.Check if indoor room temperature sensor is connected properly.
The LED displays"F2".Malfunction of evaporator temperature sensor.Check if the evaporator temperature is connected properly.

The following conditions do not denote equipment malfunctions

The unit does not
1. when you restart the unit
2. when power is switched on
1. This is to protect the internal
mechanisms. Wait 3 minutes before
operating the unit.
2. Wait for minute
Mists come outwhen coolingRoom air is chilled rapidly and becomes foggy
Outdoor unit is hotafter the unit is stoppedCompressor is emitting heat to get ready for restarting
Noise1. Buzz is heard at starting
2. Sound of running water can be heard during
3. A "shuh" sound is heard when unit starts/stops
operation or defrost.
4. A continuous low "shah" sound is heard during
cooling operation or at a stop.
5. Cracking noise can be heard during or after
1. It's the starting sound of thermostat
and will turn low after minute
2. This is caused by the refrigerant
flowing inside the unit
3. This is the noise of refrigerant caused
by flow stop and flow change
4. The noise is heard when the drainage
pump is in operation
5. This sound is generated by the
friction of the front panel and other
components expanding or connecting
due to a temperature change
Dust from the unitStarting operation after not using for a long time. Dust absorbed by the unit blows out
OdorsDuring operationCarpet and furniture odors that
entered into the unit may be sent out
from the unit