Sharp air conditioner e1 error

Sharp air conditioner e1 error

The E1 error code is actually a reminder code, and its constant occurrence can be very annoying. The code is to remind users to do standard procedures on a regular basis.


If you see the E1 code on your AC’s display, it may be time to clean the air filter. The function is activated every 720 hours of the AC’s use.

Types of AC

The function is featured in all Sharp ACs with LCD screens. Those without these screens do not have this fault code and do not activate anything like that every 220 hours.


Resetting through unplugging does not work for these ACs. If you reset your unit that way, it will switch off after an hour or so, and the code will be there again.

How to sole and/or prevent it

Do the following: press and hold the Power button and unplug/plug the AC without releasing the button. Test-run it for about 30 seconds. Then release the button, unplug and plug it back in. Most likely, the error will be gone.


The error code will reappear after another 720 hours of use. Once it does, repeat the steps described in the previous section.