Why Air Conditioner Break Down

Reasons Why Air Conditioner Breaks Down

MalfunctionSymptomsReasons for malfunctionNecessary repairs
Leaking refrigerant (freon)- Turns on but does not cool
- There are traces of frost: frosted cooler indoor unit and frosting nuts on the external unit
- Often oil streaks
- Natural wear
- Untimely service
- Leakage of threaded connections freon track
Requires refilling freon
Contamination of the indoor unit filters
and / or
the outdoor unit heat exchanger
and / or
contamination of the drainage system
- Air conditioner does not cool
- Possibly freezing radiator indoor unit
- Sometimes it may cause a leak from the indoor unit
- Untimely service
- Increased pollution of the air in the room where the equipment climatic is set
- Requires cleaning the device
- Servicing air conditioners
Faulty compressor- Air conditioner does not cool
- Often there is no noise of the compressor
- The use of low temperature conditions of the ambient air (turning on the "heat" in winter)
- Faulty installation: violation of laying freon roads, bad connection of freon pipes, no vacuum in the system
Requires repair or replacement of the compressor
Breaking outdoor fanAir conditioner does not coolAs a rule, the cause is turning of the regime "heat" in winter, the result is freezing impellers in the device and a fan failureRequire replacement fan
Malfunction of the starting capacitor- Air conditioner does not cool
- Often after switching on the device you can hear repetitive at regular intervals (2-3 sec.), sound, and the compressor does not start
- Natural wear
- Manufacturing defect
Replacing the starting capacitor
Problems in the electronic circuit of conditionerAir conditioning does not switch on- Problems of power
- Natural wear
Necessary to replace or repair the electronic board
Power ProblemsAir conditioning does not switch on with the remote control- Natural wear
- Air conditioning is not turned on
Provide access to the power unit