Mobile Air Conditioner safety


  • DO NOT use the unit in a very crowded room.
  • To avoid surface colour from fading, DO NOT use the unit where the sunlight is shining
    directly onto it.
  • DO NOT use the unit in water or near water.
  • DO NOT use it near gas appliances, fires or in the vicinity of flammable liquids.
  • The unit MUST NOT be located immediately below a socket outlet.
  • DO NOT use the unit in the immediate surrounds of a laundry, bath, shower or swimming
  • Keep the unit one metre away from TV sets or radios to avoid the risk of electromagnetic
  • DO NOT use it with the air outlet too close to walls or cover the outlet to avoid
  • DO NOT have the unit on an incline. If the unit does fall over, please unplug at once.
  • DO NOT spray with chemical.

This unit is a mobile air conditioner. It has the whole unit inside a room and is different from
window or split type air conditioners. If it cannot make the room temperature lower, it is not a
quality problem, the unit has a good cooling result just inside the fan-shape area.

Portable air conditioner safety rules

Always do this

  • Your air conditioner should be used in such a way that it is protected from moisture. e.g. condensation splashed water, etc. Do not place or store your air conditioner where it can fall or be pulled into water or any other liquid. Unplug immediately.
  • Always transport your air conditioner in a vertical position and stand on a stable, level surface during use.
  • Turn off the product when not in use.
  • Always contact a qualified person to carry out repairs. If the supply cord is damaged it must be repaired by a qualified repairer.
  • Keep an air path of at least 30cm all around the unit from walls, furniture and curtains.
  • If the air conditioner is knocked over during use, turn off the unit and unplug from the mains supply immediately.

Never do this

  • Do not operate your air conditioner in a wet room such as a bathroom or laundry room.
  • Do not touch the unit with wet or damp hands or when barefoot.
  • Do not press the buttons on the control panel with anything other than your fingers.
  • Do not remove any fixed covers. Never use this appliance if it is not working properly, or if it has been dropped or damaged.
  • Never use the plug to start and stop the unit.
    Always use the switch on the control panel.
  • Do not cover or obsturct the inlet or outlet grilles.
  • Do not use hazardous chemicals to clean or come into contact with the unit. Do not use the unit in the presence of inflammable substances or vapour such as alcohol, insecticides, petrol,etc.
  • Do not allow children to operate the unit unsupervised.
  • Do not use this product for functions other than those described in this instruction manual.