Everstar portable air conditioner p1 error code

Everstar portable air conditioner p1 error

If you have an Evestar unit, one day you are likely to see the P-1 code flashing. Many users feel worried when it happens, but indeed the problem is not very serious.

There are two possible causes of the error. Number one – the water tank has been knocked off its place. This can cause a leak and, consequently, damage to other components. This can be fixed by putting the tank back into its place.

Number two – there is too much water in the condenser unit. This is no big problem either; all you need to do is drain the tank. This is how you can do that:

  1. Pull out the drain plug on the unit’s back and drain it using a drain hose, if you have it. If there is no drain hose, remove the plug, tilt the unit and pour the water out of it. Use a bucket. It is also possible to remove the water tank and empty it.
  2. Put the water tank back into its place very carefully, then restart the unit. Get the compressor running. After about five minutes, the dehumidifier will start the drying of the air.

There is one good thing about Everstar units, which you can take advantage of if you use the device in your basement. If there is a floor drain in the basement, set your AC to run in the ‘continuous drain’ mode. Just connect the drain hose to the drain plug and feed it into the floor drain.