Bryant thermostat error codes

Modern thermostats feature self-diagnosis systems, which analyze their functioning. Based on the results of the analysis, the control and adjustment system will stop the operation of the whole device and report the cause of the malfunction. To read the fault and error codes, check the table below.

Bryant T6-PRH thermostat error codes

You get a service reminder message
Service reminder messages – check UV light, check hum pad, check filter – tell you that it’s time to change the UVC lamp in the evaporator coil box connected to the furnace (when installed), humidifier pad (when installed), and furnace filter.
Make the indicated changes with the exception of the UV lamp – for important safety reasons, ask your dealer to replace that.

You get a system error message
Here are the possible system error messages and what they mean:
E1 The system isn’t communicating properly.
— The temperature sensor isn’t working.
E4 There’s an internal memory failure.
E5 The humidity sensor isn’t working.

Call your heating and cooling dealer for service.