Should the air conditioner be covered in winter

Many users wonder if it is imperative that they cover their air conditioners in winter.

There is quite a diversity of opinions concerning having to keep a condenser’s outside units covered in winter. Some say that outside components are fairly resistant to harsh weather influences, while others are afraid that frost and wind may damage them.

air conditioner winter coverManufacturers and professionals agree that outside HVAC units are designed to withstand winter cold and therefore you do not need to use an air conditioner winter cover. Most important, keeping these units (a compressor and condenser) covered is more likely to harm them than secure them against influences, from which they are well protected.

Don't Use A/C CoversThere are quite a lot of reasons for not covering an air conditioning system, which many of us are not aware of. These are:

  1. Infestation by Rodents

A cover is a good shelter from cold and wind for rodents. They may take up residence in there and damage the wiring and destroy the Freon lines’ insulation.

  1. Mildew and Fungi

If you keep your central or window air conditioner covered for winter, you may get a very disappointing result next spring: there will be mildew on evaporator coils. This happens because  the cover blocks air flow and causes moist to accumulate.

  1. Covering Your HVAC will not Protect It against Moisture!

Many choose to cover air conditioners because they believe they can thus protect them against water building up on external coils and freezing. In fact, there is no way to keep it completely dry! Moist will get into it anyway and at any time: from humidity in summer and from wind and snow/rain in winter.

Instead of covering your AC, you should follow simple maintenance tips and check your system regularly. If you remove moist in the right time, your system will work for years.

Snow shed air conditioner covers for winterWhen Do I Cover My Air Conditioner?

It is advisable to cover an AC before hail- and snowstorms. Once the bad weather is over, uncover your air conditioner and remove snow around it.

You can buy an air conditioner cover online. They are relatively cheap, prices ranging from around $25 to $40. Also, you can make a cover yourself out of a piece of strong fabric, tarpaulin, faux leather, etc.

Why should an air conditioner be covered in winter?

  • Protects your systems from wind and moist
  • Prevents damage from debris
  • Protects your AAC from bad weather (snow, hail, etc.)

Why should not an air conditioner be covered in winter?

  • Prevents pests and rodents from sheltering in your system
  • Your AC will enjoy natural ventilation and will remain moist-free