Panasonic air conditioning fault codes

If your air conditioner does not work well, take a look at the following table from the manual. Troubleshooting tips can help you save time and avoid unnecessary costs.

The outdoor unit maintenance remote controller can be used to check the alarm display.
The number of times that LED 1 and 2 blink on the outdoor unit control PCB can be used to check the alarm display.

E01Remote Controller Reception Error
E02Remote Controller Transmission Error
E03Error in Indoor Unit Receiving Signal from Remote Controller (central)
E04Error in Indoor Unit Receiving Signal from the Outdoor Unit
E05Error in Indoor Unit Transmitting Signal to the Outdoor Unit
E07Outdoor Unit Sending Failure to Indoor Unit
E06Outdoor unit failed to receive serial communication signals from indoor unit
E08Duplicate Indoor Unit Address Settings Error
E09More Than One Remote Controller Set to Main Error
E12Automatic address setting start is prohibited.
E12Automatic Address Setting Start is Prohibited while Auto-address Setting in Progress.
E15Automatic address setting alarm (too few units)
E14Main Unit duplication in Simultaneous-operation Multi Control (detected outdoor unit)
E13Error in Indoor Unit Transmitting Signal to Remote Controller
E16Automatic address setting alarm (too many units)
E18Faulty Communication in Group Control Wiring
E20No indoor units at automatic address setting.
E24Outdoor unit failed to receive communications from another outdoor unit.
E25Outdoor unit address setting failure (duplication)
E26Mismatch in outdoor unit quantity
E29Outdoor unit failed to receive communication from another outdoor unit.
E30Outdoor unit serial communications failure
E31Communication error between the microcomputers
F04Compressor 1 discharge temperature sensor trouble
F05Compressor 2 discharge temperature sensor trouble
F06Gas temperature sensor trouble at outdoor heat exchanger 1
F07Liquid temperature sensor trouble at outdoor heat exchange
F08Outdoor air temperature sensor trouble
F11Cooling/Heating cycle changeover abnormality
F12Compressor intake temperature sensor trouble
F16High-pressure sensor trouble
F17Low-pressure sensor trouble
F22Compressor 3 discharge temperature sensor trouble
F23Gas temperature sensor trouble at outdoor heat exchanger 2
F24Liquid temperature sensor trouble at outdoor heat exchanger 2
F31 Outdoor unit non-volatile memory (EEPROM) trouble
F90RFC control
F91Refrigeration cycle abnormality
F93Compressor abnormality
F95Cool high pressure protection
F96IPM overheating protection
F97Outdoor compressor overheating protection
F98Total running current protection
F99Outdoor Peak Current Protection Control
H03Compressor 1 CT sensor disconnected or short-circuit
H05Compressor 1 discharge temperature sensor disconnected
H06Low-pressure trouble
H08Compressor 1 oil detection sensor (connection) trouble
H11Constant speed compressor 2 overcurrent alarm
H12Constant speed compressor 2 lock current alarm
H13Compressor 2 CT sensor disconnected or short-circuit
H14Indoor intake air temp sensor abnormality
H15Compressor 2 discharge temperature sensor disconnected
H16Outdoor Current Transformer open circuit
H19Indoor fan motor mechanism lock
H21Compressor 3 overcurrent alarm
H22Compressor 3 lock current alarm
H23Compressor 3 CT sensor disconnected or short-circuit
H25Compressor 3 discharge temperature sensor disconnected
H27Compressor 2 lock current alarm
H28Compressor 3 lock current alarm
H31HIC trouble alarm
H30Discharge temperature sensor abnormality
H33Incorrect connection of Indoor/Outdoor cable
H97Outdoor fan motor look
H98Indoor high pressure protection
H99Indoor heat exchanger anti-freezing protector
L04Outdoor unit address duplication
L10Outdoor unit capacity not set
L13Indoor Unit Type Setting Error
L17Outdoor unit model mismatch
L184-way valve operation failure.
P02Compressor thermal protector is activated.(trip only and no alarm)
P03Compressor 1 discharge temperature trouble
P04High-pressure switch activated
P05Reverse phase (or missing phase) detected, capacity mismatch
P14O2 sensor is activated.
P16Compressor 1 overcurrent
P15Insufficient Gas Level Detected
P17Compressor 2 discharge temp trouble
P18Compressor 3 discharge temp trouble
P20High load alarm
P22Fan motor trouble
P29Inverter compressor missing phase or lock alarm