Newair portable air conditioner troubleshooting

If you suddenly noticed that your air conditioner started to work “half-power” or does not switch on at all, you can try to diagnose and fix the problem on your own. The table with a list of major failures and options for their elimination will help you with that.

NewAir AC-12100E air conditioner troubleshooting

Unit does not start when pressing on/off button- P1 appears in the display windowDrain the water in the bottom tray.
- Room temperature is lower than the set temperature.(Cooling mode)Reset the temperature.
Not cool enough- The windows or doors in the room are not closed.Make sure all the windows and doors are closed.
- There are heat sources inside the room.Remove the heat sources if possible.
- Exhaust air duct is not connected or blocked.Connect the duct and make sure it can function properly.
- Temperature setting is too high.Decrease the set temperature.
- Air filter is blocked by dust.Clean the air filter.
Noisy or vibration- The ground is not level or not flat enough.Place the unit on a flat, level ground if possible.
Gurgling sound- The sound comes from the flowing of the refrigerant inside the air-conditioner.It is normal.
Power shut off at heating mode- The automatic over heat protection function. When the temperature at the air outlet exceeds158F/70°C the de vice will stop.Switch on again after the unit has cooled down.

NewAir AC-14100 air conditioner troubleshooting

ProblemPossible CausesSolution
The air conditioner does not function.The unit may be plugged in using a different voltage.Check if using the wrong voltage.
The circuit breaker may be tripped or there is a blown fuse.Reset the circuit breaker or check for a blown fuse.
The water tank is full.If the full water tank indicator light is flashing, empty the water reservoir.
The ambient room temperature is lower than the set temperature.Lower the set temperature.
The unit does not produce adequate cooling.The unit is in direct sunlight.Close any curtains or move the unit to a more shaded area.
Too many windows or doors are open.Close doors and windows.
There is an additional heat source in the room or there are too many people in the room.Lower the set temperature.
The filter is dusty or dirty.Clean the filter per instructions above.
Air inlet or air outlet is blocked.Make sure there are no obstructions to proper air circulation through the unit.
The ambient room temperature is lower than the set temperature.Lower the set temperature.
The unit is noisy.The unit is not leveled.Ensure the unit is positioned on a flat, level surface.
The compressor does not work.The compressor has overheated and shut off.Wait for temperature to drop and then turn the unit on again.