Midea air conditioner V4+i troubleshooting

If there are minor malfunctions in the operation of this unit, you may not rush to contact the service center and try to solve the problem yourself. Let’s take a look at the most common failures, which can be repaired at home, and consider ways how to eliminate them.

1. Normal Air Conditioner Phenomenon
1.1 When outdoor unit appears white vapor or water, the reasons is as follows:
1) The fan of outdoor unit stops to begin defrosting0.
2) The electromagnet valve sends out the noise when the defrosting begins and ends.
3) There is sound like water flowing when running or off; and the noise enlarges after running for 3 minutes. This is the sound of refrigerant flowing or discharging water gathered by dehumidifying.
1.2 Outdoor units send out the noise of “pupu”, for temperature changes to heat exchanger heat expanded or cool compact.
1.3 Indoor units send out odor smell, because it absorbs the smell of house, furniture or smoking.
1.4 The running light of indoor unit flickers, the reasons are generally as follows:
1) Power supply ever failed during running period.
2) For 1-to-several, the following induces the director lighting and the operation stopping
① Other indoor units running at heating mode induce to this indoor unit cannot run at cooling mode
② Setting mode conflicts with the fixed mode.
③ Stop fan to prevent discharging cool air.
1.5 The “no priority” or “waiting” director light of operation board lights.
1.6 Auto running or stopping for the timer wrong operation.
1.7 Cannot run, the reasons are as follows:
① Power is off.
② Manual switch is pulled to off side.
③ Fuse is cut.
④ Protect device starts, at the same time running director lights.
⑤ Timer’s setting time is over, at the time running director lights.
1.8 Heating or cooling is inefficient.
① Filter is block by duct or rubbish.
② The place of air deflector is unfit.
③ Fan mode is “slight” or running mode is “fan”.
④ Setting temperature is unfit.
⑤ Simultaneously choose the heating and cooling mode, at the time the “no priority” or “waiting” director light of panel lights.
2. Air Conditioner Protection in Common
2.1 Compressor protection.
When power is on, or machine stops then restarts right away, outdoor unit will run in 3 minutes to protect
the compressor from too frequent starts and stops.
2.2 When the protection device functions, running stops. Refer to the following:
① forced to start but not possess the start article, and display light lights.
② When cooling running, inlet and outlet of outdoor unit are blocked, outside strong air blows into outdoor unit’s outlet.
③ When heating running, dust adheres to air filter to block inlet or outlet of outdoor unit.
Note: when protecting, please cut manual power switch. After checking the reason and solving it, restart.
2.3 Power fails.
① If power supply fails while machine is running normally, system will record this.
② When the machine is powered on again, the running light of wire controller would flash to inform user about this.
③ Press the on/off key of wire controller to confirm this before restart the system.
Note: When running, if system takes place mistaken operation or lighter, please pull down the power Troubleshooting MCAC-VTSM-2011-09
162 Troubleshooting supply switch to cut it off. Before restarting machines, please press the on/off key again as above.

3. Malfunction Code and Troubleshooting Midea air conditioner V4+i
If there is phenomenon as follows, please stop air conditioner running and cut power supply and refer to the following. However, if the problem insists, please contact the customer service center of Midea commercial air conditioner company, and offer machine’s model and detailed malfunction.

Midea 8-16HP air conditioner troubleshooting

CodeMalfunction or protection
E0 Reserved
E1Phase sequence malfunction
E2Communication between prime outdoor unit and indoor units
E4Ambient temp. sensor malfunction
E9Voltage malfunction
H0Communication malfunction between IR341 and 780034
H1Communication malfunction between 0537 and 780034
H4There are 3 times P6 protection In 30 minutes.
H5There are 3 times P2 protection In 30 minutes.
H6There are 3 times P4 protection In 100 minutes.
H9There are 3 times P9 protection In 30 minutes
H7Indoor unit quantities decreasing malfunction over 3 minutes
P0The sensor protection on the top of inv. compressor.
P1High pressure protection
P2Low pressure protection
P3Inv. compressor over current protection
P4Discharge temp. sensor protection
P5Pipe temp. sensor protection
P6Module protection
P7Fixed 1 current protection
P8Fixed 2 current protection
P9Fan module protection
L0Module malfunction
L1DC generatrix low voltage protection
L2DC generatrix high voltage protection
L4MCE malfunction/simultaneously/cycle loop
L5Zero speed protection
L7Wrong phase protection
L8Speed difference >15Hz protection between the front and the back clock
L9Speed difference >15Hz protection between the real and the setting speed

Midea 30HP, 18-20HP air conditioner V4+i troubleshooting

CodeMalfunction or protection remark
E0 Outdoor unit communication error Display in
auxiliary unit only
E1Phase squence error
E2Communication error between indoor unit and main unit
E4Outdoor temp sensor error
E8Outdoor unit address error
E9Voltage error
H0Communication error between DSP and 780034
H1Communication error between 0537 and 780034
H2Outdoor unit qty. decrease errorDisplay in main
unit only
H3Outdoor unit qty. increase error Display in main
unit only
H4Three times of P6 protect in 30 minutes
H5Three times of P2 protect in 30 minutesMust be re-powered
on for the recovery
H6Three times of P4 protect in 100 minutes Must be re-powered
on for the recovery
H7Qty of indoor unit decreases
P0Inverter top temp. protection
P1High-pressure protection
P2Low-pressure protection
P3Compressor overcurrent protection
P4Compressor discharge temp. protection
P5Outdoor condenser high temp. protection
P6Inverter module protection
P7Current protection, No.1 fixed compressor
P8Current protection, No.2 fixed compressor
P9Current protection, No.3 fixed compressor
L0Module error Display during
spot inspecting
L1DC busbar low voltage protection
L2DC busbar high voltage protection
L4MCE error/ synchronize/ closed loop
L5Zero velocity protection
L6ReserveDisplay during
spot inspecting
L7Phase squence error protection
L8The speed difference between the previous time and the
following time > 15Hz protection
L9The speed difference between the setting speed
and actual speed>15Hz protection
F1Current protection, No.1 fixed compressor
F2Current protection, No.2 fixed compressor
F3Current protection, No.3 fixed compressor
F4Current protection, No.4 fixed compressor
F5Current protection, No.5 fixed compressor