LG air conditioner p2 or FL error code

LG air conditioner p2 or FL error code

The P2 (FL) fault code indicates that the drain pan is filled to capacity. Normally, the pan does not need to be emptied. The device features a slinger fan, which is placed right above the pan. It takes the water up and onto the condenser. Thus, it maintains a minimum water level in the drain pan and prevents it from stopping.

Use the list below and specify circumstances, in which the P2/FL error code appears:

P2/FL shows up from time to time

Remove the drain unit cap and tip the device to the back. Hold it in this position until all water runs out.

If you are using the Cool mode, and the error comes back persistently, it is just signaling high humidity in the room and, consequently, correct work of the unit.

Turn the fan rpm to low. Now you will not need to drain your AC this frequently, because this step will slow down air circulation and lessen the amount of moisture, which your AC has to handle. Keep all doors and windows shut when running the AC.

If you are using the Dry mode, you have set the AC to just dry the air in the room. Please, activate the Cool mode, so that your AC remove a smaller amount of moisture from the air. Some models have a hose, through which drain water is released. Check the user guide and/or technical maintenance manual.

P2/FL is there, but water is not draining out

Remove the drain unit cap, tip the device backwards and hold it in this position until water drains out of it.

If there is no water, call a technician. The unit may need a serious repair.

P2/FL will not disappear after draining

If you have drained your AC, but the code is still there, reset your device:

  1. Unplug the unit and wait for about 10 minutes before plugging it back in.
  2. Plug it back in.
  3. Press POWER button run the unit.

If the code is still there, address your local AC maintenance provider and use professional help.