LG Air Conditioner Multi Split Units Fault Codes

There might be a lot of causes of air conditioner malfunctions; the main ones are listed in the table. You can find tips for troubleshooting next to the symptoms of the problem. Some troubleshooting procedures can be unsafe.

If more than two troubles occur simultaneously, the lower numbered error code is displayed first.

Indoor unit faultsFascia LED’s
Fascia LED’s
ContentsCase of Error
CH01 or C1None1 FlashIndoor Air Sensor (Open/Short)Open or Short Circuit
CHO2 or C2 (error solution CHO2 or C2)None2 FlashInlet Pipe SensorOpen or Short Circuit
CH03 or C3None3 FlashCommunication (Indoor Wired R/Control)Data Communication Fault
CH04 or C4None4 FlashDrain Pump / Float SwitchFloat Switch Open Circuit (High Level Water Alarm)
CHO5 or C5 (error solution CHO5 or C5)None5 FlashCommunication Error (Indoor Outdoor)Data Communication Fault
CH06 or C6None6 FlashOutlet Pipe SensorOpen or Short Circuit
CH07 or C7None7 FlashDifferent Operation ModeIndoor Unit is Set in Different Cool/Heat Operation Mode
CH09 or C9None9 FlashEEPROM Check SumCheck Sum Mis-matching
CH10 or CA1 FlashNoneBLDC Fan Motor LockFan Motor not Operating
HLHigh Limit (Float Switch) or Hard LockSame as CH 04 (Float Switch Open Circuit) or Unit under Central Control
CLChild Lock Function SelectedNot an Error, Press Timer & Min Buttons Simultaneously for 3 seconds to Toggle On/Off
PoJet Cool Mode SelectedNot an Error, Press Jet Cool Button to Toggle On/Of
LoSystem in Test ModeNot an Error
212 times1 timeIPM Fault (Compressor Over Current)Compressor Malfunction, IPM Fault
222 times2 timesCT 2 (Max. Current)Current is 14A
232 times3 timesDC Link Low VoltDC Link Voltage is 140V
242 times4 timesLow / High PressureLow / High Press Switch OPEN Circuit
252 times5 timesAC Low / AC High VoltsAbnormal AC Input Voltage (140V , 300V )
262 times6 timesDC Compressor PositionPosition Detection Error
272 times7 timesPSC Fault (Reactor)Over Current at “IGBT”
282 times8 timesDC Link High VoltsDC Link Voltage is 420V
323 times2 timesDischarge Pipe Temp. High (INV. Compressor)Discharge Sensor High Temp. (105oC )
333 times3 timesDischarge Pipe Temp. High (Cons. Compressor)Discharge Sensor High Temp. (105oC )
404 timesCT CircuitCT Circuit malfunction Off
414 times1 timesD-Pipe Sensor INV. Compressor (Open/Short)Open / Short Circuit
444 times4 timesAir Sensor (Open/ShortOpen / Short circuit
454 times5 timesCond. Pipe Sensor (Open/Short)Open / Short circuit
464 times6 timesSuction Pipe Sensor (Open/Short)Open / Short circuit
474 times7 timesD-Pipe Sensor Cons. Compressor (Open/Short)Open / Short circuit
484 times8 timesD-Pipe & Air Sensor (Open)Dual Sensor unplugged
515 times1 timesOver CapacityOver Capacity Combination
535 times3 times Communication Error (Indoor Outdoor)Poor/Loss of Communication
606 timesEEPROM Check SumCheck Sum Mis-Match
616 times1 timesCond. Pipe Sensor TempCond. Temp. High (65oC )
626 times2 timesHeat Sink Sensor TempHeat Sink Temp. High (85oC )
656 times5 timesHeat Sink Sensor (Open/Short)Open / Short circuit