Kenmore air conditioner troubleshooting

Diagnosis of air conditioner is the first thing that should be done before servicing or repairing. This procedure allows to identify breakages and malfunctions in the system: a lack of refrigerant which has to be filled up, errors in the algorithm of the air conditioner, malfunctions of the main units. Timely and competent diagnostics of the malfunctions will allow to eliminate malfunctions in the device.

Kenmore 405.84086 air conditioner troubleshooting

1. Unit does not Start when Pressing on/off ButtonPI appears in the display windowDrain the water in the bottom tray.
When in COOL mode, room temperature is lower than the set temperature.Reset the temperature.
2. Not cool enoughThe windows or doors in the room are not closed.Make sure all the windows and doors are closed.
There are heat sources inside the room.Remove the heat sources if possible.
Exhaust air hose is not connected or blocked.Connect the hose and make sure it can function properly.
Temperature setting is too high.Decrease the set temperature.
Air filter is blocked by dust.Clean the air filter.
3. Unit noise or vibrationThe ground is not level or not flat enough.Place the unit on "a" flat, level ground if possible.
4. Gurgling soundThe sound comes from the flowing of the refrigerant inside the Air Conditioner.It is normal.
5. Unit stops operatingThe automatic over heat protection function. When the temperature at the air outlet exceed 158°F/70°C, the device will stop.Switch on again after the unit has cool down.
6. RESET Button pops out on LCDI plugTemporary power overload or fault conditionPress the reset button on the LCDI plug.

Kenmore 35132 air conditioner troubleshooting

Can 1 turn the unit on immediately after unpacking it?• No. The unit must be placed upright for at least 1 2 hours after every transport. Otherwise the compressor may be damaged and there is no capacity.
Unit does not start when pressing power button• Room temperature is higher than the set temperature (heating mode).• Reset the temperature
• Room temperature is lower than the set temperature (cooling mode)
The air conditioner does not come on• No electricity• Restore electricity
• It is not plugged into the socket• Plug into socket
• The internal safety device has tripped• Wait 30 minutes, if the problem persists, contact your service center
• The safety device of the plug has tripped• Reset the safety plug
The air conditioner works for a short time only• There are bends or kinks in the air exhaust hose• Position the air hose correctly, keeping it as short and free of curves as possible to avoid bottlenecks
• Something is preventing the air from being discharged• Check and remove any obstacles obstructing air discharge
Room is not cool enough• Windows/doors in room are open.• Close all windows/doors
• There are heat sources nearby.• Remove heat source if possible
• Exhaust air duct is not connected or is blocked• Connect the air duct and make sure it can function properly
• Temperature setting is too high.• Decrease the set temperature
• Air filter blocked by dust.• Clean the air filter
The air conditioner does not operate for about three minutes after restarting it• The internal compressor safety device prevents the appliance from being restarted until three minutes have elapsed since it was last turned off• Wait. This delay is part of normal operation
Noise or vibrations• The floor level is not in level or the unit is on an incline.• Place the unit on a flat, level surface.
Gurgling sound• The sound come from the flowing of refrigerant inside the air conditioner• This is normal
When turning the unit on 1 sense a smell. What should 1 do?• First use or incorrect storage of unit at e.g. dusty areas.• Odor development can arise on first use and after a longer period of non-use by storing in unsuitable areas (e.g. dusty areas). Run the unit for V2 a day. The smell will disappear after a while. In the case of intensive odor development air the room.
Compressor does not activate• Depending on ambient temperatures and unit type it may take approx. 1 0 minutes after starting the compressor until the cooling/heating capacity is reached.
The unit deactivates• On reaching the set required temperature, the unit switches off automatically. Check manual setting of the required temperature as well as the TIMER setting.
The unit does not cool correctly• You achieve the most effective and economical cooling comfort if you already cool the room to be cooled when the room temperature is not yet heated up. Air conditioners operate more effectively if the temperature is maintained. To drastically cool the air in a fully heated room requires much more time and energy.

Kenmore 70089 air conditioner troubleshooting

ProblemPossible CauseSolution
Unit will not turn on.• Power cord unplugged.• Ensure power cord is firmly plugged into outlet.
• Blown fuse or tripped breaker.• Replace blown fuse; reset tripped breaker.
• Electrical power low (“brown out”).• Low voltage protection prevents operation if supply voltage drops below 90 VAC for 115 volt units; 171 VAC for 230 volt units. Contact local electric utility if voltage is low.
• Electrical power outage.• Contact local electric utility.
• Compressor in 3-minute lock-out.• Wait 3 minutes for compressor start.
Unit repeatedly blows fuse or trips breaker.• Other devices sharing circuit results in circuit overload.• Disconnect other devices or move devices to different circuit.
• Incorrect fuse size or type.• Ensure fuse is correct size. Unit requires time-delay fuses.
• Incorrect circuit breaker size.• Ensure circuit breaker is correct size.
• Extension cord used to provide power.• Do not use an extension cord with this air conditioner. If power cord on air conditioner does not reach outlet, have qualified electrician move out- let or install new outlet closer to unit.
Unit does not adequately cool room or area.• Dirty air filter.• Remove and clean air filter.
• Optional charcoal air filter (if used) clogged.• Replace charcoal filter (if desired). NOTE: Optional charcoal filter can- not be cleaned. Filter must be replaced after three months use.
• Room or area not sealed.• Close all doors and windows in cooling area. Close all air vents and ducts in area.
• Vent Control in EXHAUST position.• Vent Control should be in CLOSED position whenever air conditioner is in cooling mode.
• Airflow to or from unit blocked.• Remove any obstruction to airflow from air discharge vent or return air vent on unit.
• Unit improperly sized for room or area.• Reduce cooling area (close doors or otherwise isolate area).
Unit does not adequately cool room or area.• Desired temperature set too high.• Reduce temperature setting to more comfortable level.
• Excessive heat or moisture in area.• Close blinds or curtains on windows exposed to direct sunlight. Vent steam from open cooking containers, showers, etc., from cooling area. Avoid use of heat- producing appliances during hottest part of day.
• Dirty condenser or evaporator coils.• Clean coils.
Unit runs excessively long.• Unit replaces older model.• New high-efficiency compressor runs more frequently, but uses less energy, than older, less efficient models.
Water (condensate) in base pan drips into room.• Unit improperly installed.• Depending on model, unit must be installed with slope of 1Am to W to outside.
Unit noisy.• Unit improperly installed, causing vibration when operating.• Review installation procedures. Ensure all mounting hardware is tight and secure.
• Water noise whenever fan runs.• Normal, especially during periods of high humidity.
• Loose screws or parts.• Remove chassis from outer case. Check for loose or missing screws. Tighten and replace as required.

KENMORE Sears air conditioner troubleshooting

Air conditioner will not operate.Wall plug disconnected. Push plug firmly into wall outlet.
House fuse blown or circuit breaker tripped. Replace fuse with time delay type or reset drcuit breaker.
FAN/COOL selector in OFF position. Turn FAN/C001 selector to the desired setting.
Unit turned off by moving thermostat to a warmer setting and then immediately turning back to a colder setting. Wait approximately 3 minutes. Listen for compressor to start.
Unit turned off and then on too quickly. Turn unit off and wait 3 minutes before restarting.
Thermostat set warmer than room temperature. Slide thermostat to a colder setting (thick rule).
Air from unit does not feel cold enough.Turn selector to a higher FAN position
Thermostat set too warm (thin rule). Slide thermostat to a colder setting (thick rule).
Room temperature below70'F(21°C). Coding may not occur until room temperature rises above 70‘F (21°C).
Air conditioner cooling, but room is too warm - - ice forming on cooling coil behind decorative front.
Outdoor temperature below 70‘F (21°C). To defrost the coil, set selector to FAN position. Slide thermostat to a warmer setting (thin rule).
Air filter may be dirty. Clean filter. To defrost, set selector to FAN.
Thermostat set too cold for night-time cooling. To defrost the coil, set selector to a FAN position.
Slide thermostat to a warmer position.
Air conditioner cooling, but room is too warm — NO ice forming on cooling coil behind decorative front
Dirty air filter-air restricted. Clean air filter.
Thermostat set too warm. Slide thermostat to a colder setting (thick rule).
Exhaust vent set at OPEN position. Set exhaust vent at CLOSED position for maximum cooling.
Air directional louvres positioned improperly. Position louvres for better air distribution.
Front of unit is blocked by drapes, blinds, furniture, etc. - restricts air distribution. Clear blockage in front of unit.
Doors, windows, registers, etc. open -cold air escapes. Close doors, windows, registers, etc.
Unit recently turned on in hot room. Allow additional time to remove 'stored heat' from walls.
Air conditioner turns on and off rapidlyDirty air filter- air restricted. Clean air filter.
Outside temperature extremely hot. Set FAN on high speed to bring air past cooling coils more frequently.
Noise when unit is cooling.Air movement sound. This is normal. If too ioud, turn selector to tower FAN setting.
Sound of fan hitting water-moisture removal system. This is normal when humidity is high. Close doors, windows and registers.
Window vibration-poor installation. Check with installer.
Water dripping INSIDE when unit is cooling.Improper installation. Tilt air conditioner slightly to the outside to allow water drainage. Check with installer.
Water dripping OUTSIDE when unit is cooling.Unit removing large quantity of moisture from humid room. This is normal during excessively humid days.