Intesis box mitsubishi electric air conditioners error codes

The table below offers information on the cause of the malfunction and the status of your Intensis Box Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner. This information explains what parts or systems within the appliance are experiencing problems and, therefore, need your attention. With this guide, you will be able to fix many issues on your own even if your experience in AC repairs is minimal.

(In Hexadecimal)
8000No active error
0001Communication error with the AC unit
1102Discharge Temperature high
1108Internal thermostat detector working (49C)
1110Outdoor unit fail
1300Pressure low
1302Pressure high (High pressure probe working 63H)
1503Protection against freeze or battery high temperature
1504Over heating protection
1509High pressure error (ball valve closed)
1520Super heating anomaly due to low temp. of discharge. (TH4)
2500Erroneous operation of drain pump
2503Drain sensor anomaly (DS)
4030Serial transmission error
4100Compressor pause due to excess of current (initial block)
4101Compressor pause due to excess of current (overload)
4102Phase detection opened
4103Anti-phase detection
4108Phase opened in phase L2 or connector 51CM opened
4118Error in the anti-phase detector (electronic board)
4124Connector 49L opened
4210Cut due to over-current of compressor
4220Voltage anomaly
4230Radiator panel temperature anomaly (TH8)
5101Ambient temperature probe anomaly (TH1), indoor unit
5102Liquid probe anomaly (TH2)
5102Cond/Evap probe anomaly (TH5)
5104Error detection in discharge temperature
5105Outdoor probe error TH3
5106Outdoor probe errorTH7
5107Outdoor probe errorTH6
5110Outdoor probe errorTH8
5202Connector 63L opened
5300Current probe error
6600MNET duplicated address definition
6602MNET Line transmission hardware error
6603MNET BUS busy
6606MNET Line transmission error
6607MNET transmission error
6607MNET without ack
6608MNET transmission error
6608MNET without response
6831IR remote control transmission error (reception error)
6832IR remote control transmission error (transmission error)
6840Transmission error with the indoor/outdoor unit (reception error)
6841Transmission error with the indoor/outdoor unit (transmission error)
6844Error in inter-connection cable in the indoor/outdoor unit, indoor unit number deactivated (5 min or
6845Error in inter-connection cable in the indoor/outdoor unit (cabling error, disconnection)
6846Initial timer deactivated

In case you detect an error code not listed, contact your nearest Mitsubishi Electric technical support service.