Idylis portable air conditioner troubleshooting

What are the most common malfunctions of air conditioners? All breakdowns can be conditionally divided into malfunctions of the components of the refrigeration circuit and electronics failures or malfunctions of the electrical components of the system. The troubleshooting table will help you find out the cause of the problem with your equipment.

Unit does not work.1. Power is out.1. Wait for power to return.
2. Unit not plugged in properly.2. Plug in properly.
3. Water tank is full. STOP warning light will illuminate.3. Remove drain water from the drain tank
4. Electrical current leaking or test button on LCDI plug is being pressed.4. Press the reset button after resolving problem.
Unit suddenly stops during operation.1. Indoor set temperature has been reached.1. Unit will restart when temperature arises.
2. The preset time is up.2. Reset the timer.
3. Water tank is full. STOP warning light illuminate.3. Remove drain water from drain tank.
Unit runs intermittently.1. Surrounding temp, is more warm/more cool than your temperature setting.1. This is normal. Unit doesn't need to be operating constantly in this condition.
2. Exhaust duct hose is blocked.2. Check and unblock the duct hose.
Unit functions but the room is not cooled.1. Window or door is open in room.1. Close all windows/doors.
2. There is a heat source or too many people in the room.2. Move any heat sources from room, move unit close to where you sit.
3. Air intake grille is clogged.3. Clean air intake grille.
4. Filter is too dirty.4. Replace the filter.
5. Temperature setting is too high/warm.5. Lower the temp, setting.
6. Portable Air conditioner is for spot cooling only and need to be placed closer to your sitting area for best cooling effect.
Condensed water spills out when moving the unit.1. The water tank is nearly full.1. Follow instructions for draining water.