Heil air conditioner troubleshooting

The table lists typical malfunctions of air conditioners, which almost anyone can eliminate without additional help. In case of complicated repair or replacement of spare parts, you will need to contact the service center.

Compressor and outdoor fan will not startPower failureCall power company
Fuse blown or circuit breaker trippedReplace fuse or reset circuit breaker
Defective contactor, transformer or high-pressure, loss-of-charge or low-pressure switchReplace component
Insufficient line voltageDetermine cause and correct
Incorrect or faulty wiringCheck wiring diagram and rewire correctly
Thermostat setting too highLower thermostat setting below room temperat- ure
Compressor will not start but condenser fan runsFaulty wiring or loose connections in compressor circuitCheck wiring and repair or replace
Compressor motor burned out, seized, or internal over- load openDetermine cause Replace compressor
Defective run/start capacitor, overload, start relayDetermine cause and replace
Three-phase scroll compressor (size 30-60 unit) has a low pressure differentialScroll compressor is rotating in the wrong directionCorrect the direction of rotation by reversing the 3-phase power leads to the unit
Compressor cycles (other than normally satisfying thermostat)Refrigerant overcharge or underchargeRecover refrigerant, evacuate system, and re- charge to capacities shown on rating plate
Defective compressorReplace and determine cause
Insufficient line voltageDetermine cause and correct
Blocked condenser
Defective run/start capacitor, overload or start relayDetermine cause and replace
Defective thermostatReplace thermostat
Faulty condenser-fan motor or capacitorReplace
Restriction in refrigerant systemLocate restriction and remove
Compressor operates continuouslyDirty air filterReplace filter
Unit undersized for loadDecrease load or increase unit size
Thermostat set too lowReset thermostat
Low refrigerant chargeLocate leak, repair, and recharge
Mechanical damage in compressorReplace compressor
Air in systemRecover refrigerant, evacuate system, and re- charge
Condenser coil dirty or restrictedClean coil or remove restriction
Excessive head pressureDirty air filterReplace filter
Dirty indoor or outdoor coilClean coil
Refrigerant overchargedRecover excess refrigerant
Air in systemRecover refrigerant, evacuate system, and re- charge
Head pressure too lowLow refrigerant chargeCheck for leaks, repair and recharge
Compressor IPR leakingReplace compressor
Restriction in liquid tubeRemove restriction
Excessive suction pressureHigh heat loadCheck for source and eliminate
Compressor IPR leakingReplace compressor
Refrigerant overchargedRecover excess refrigerant
Suction pressure too lowDirty air filterReplace filter
Low refrigerant chargeCheck for leaks, repair and recharge
Metering device or low side restrictedRemove source of restriction
Insufficient evaporator airflowIncrease air quantity
Check filter-replace if necessary
Temperature too low in conditioned areaReset thermostat
Outdoor ambient below 55F (12.7C)Install low-ambient kit
Filter drier restrictedReplace filter