Gree Inverter air conditioner troubleshooting

To make sure that the air conditioner will serve you for a long time, you need to have a basic knowledge of its maintenance and, if necessary, repair. You will learn how to detect the cause of the failure on your own and solve the problem with the device from the table below.

Gree 13-04582 air conditioner troubleshooting

The air conditioner does not work.Power supply :
1. Unit is not plugged in.1. Plug in correctly
2. The plug or receptacle is damaged.2. Change the plug or receptacle.
The indicator shows the air conditioner is running, but it does not work.The timer is on.Cancel the timer or wait for the unit to start.
Air cooling is not efficient.1. The humidity of the room is under 30%.1. Increase the humidity level.
2. There is frost on the evaporator.2. The unit is defrosting; it will resume after the defrosting cycle is completed.
3. The air filter is dirty.3. Clean or change the filter.
4. The temperature is inadequate.4. Increase the temperature and the fan speed.
5. Is there any heat source in the room ?5. Close or move the heat source.
6. Is the hot air exhaust hose correctly installed ?6. Check the installation of the hot air exhaust hose and insulate it.
LCD window shows an El error message.Power supply is unstable and the unit is not working properly.Stop the air conditioner (switch off the power supply). Wait 10 minutes and turn it back on ; if El is still on , call SUNRISE TRADEX Service.
LCD window shows an H8 error message.The water tank is full.Drain out and empty the water tank.
The unit is smellyIs the air filter dirty ?Clean the air filter, as well as the front and back grills.
The air conditioner is noisy and/or vibrates.Is the air conditioner leveled ?Make sure the air conditioner is on a level and flat surface.
There is water dripping on the inside floor?Is the drain hose and the hose cap correctly installed ?Secure the installation of the drain hose and the hose cap and make sure the unit is on a level surface.

Gree CROWN09HP230V1A air conditioner troubleshooting

Water leaking from the indoor unit into the room.While it is normal for the system to generate condensate water in cooling mode, it is designed to drain this water via a condensate drain system to a safe location.If water is leaking into the room, it may indicate one of the following.
• The indoor unit is not level right to left. Level indoor unit.
• The condensate drain pipe is restricted or plugged. All restrictions must be removed to allow continuous drainage by gravity.
• If problem persists, contact a qualified service professional for assistance.
Wireless remote controller does not work.There are a number of possible reasonsCheck the following:
• The remote controller was not matched to the indoor unit. See matching instructions
• The batteries might be low. Change the batteries.
• The remote controller must be within 25 ft (7.5 m) with no obstructions of the indoor unit. If remote controller needs to be replaced, contact a qualified service professional for assistance. In the meantime, use the Aux button to operate the system
The unit will not deliver air.There are a number of system functions that will prevent air flowCheck for the following:
• In heating mode, the indoor fan may not start for three minutes if the room temperature is very low. This is to prevent blowing cold air.
• In heat mode, if the outdoor temperature is low and humidity is high, the system may need to defrost for up to 10 minutes before beginning a heating cycle.
• In dry mode, the indoor fan may stop for up to three minutes during the compressor off delay.
• Othenvise, you should contact a qualified service professional for assistance
Moisture or condensation on the discharge air louvers or outlet vents.It is normal for the system to develop condensation or moisture on the discharge air louvers when cooling warn) humid air for a long period of timeThe condensation or moisture will disappear as the system cools and dehumidifies the room space

Gree G17-12ESCWAC air conditioner troubleshooting

Air conditioner will not operateWall plug is not properly connected. Push plug firmly into the wall socket.
Plug current device is tripped. Press RESET button (located on the power cord plug).
House fuse is blown and/or tripped. Check circuit breaker/replace fuse.
Air from unit does not feel cold enoughRoom temperature is below 60F (16C). Cooling may not occur if room temperature is below 60F (16C).
Make sure nothing is obstructing the unit; furniture, curtains, blinds. Check for open furnace registers or cool air returns.
Make sure filter is clean
RESET unit. Adjust temperature to lower setting.
Compressor shut off due to changing modes. Wait 5 minutes, compressor will turn back on when unit is set on COOL mode.
Room is not cooling- ice forming on back of unitOn models with touch pad controls set the unit at High FAN mode or High COOL mode and adjust the thermostat to a higher temperature.
Room is not cooling- no ice on back of unitAir restricted due to dirty air filter. Remove filter(s) and clean.
Temperature is set too high. Turn temperature setting down.
Air louvers are not adjusted properly. Check and adjust louvers to direct air flow.
Air ventilation is blocked/ hindered. Remove any object blocking air flow/ (drapes, blinds, furniture etc.).
Other doors and/or windows open allowing cool air to escape room.
Air conditioner rapidly turns on and offAir restricted due to dirty air filter. Remove filter and clean.
Window vibrations: improper installation. Refer to Installation Instructions.
Water dripping inside when unit is coolingImproper installation. Refer to installation instructions.
Water dripping outside when unit is coolingUnit is removing a large quantity of moisture from the room. This occurrence is normal in excessively humid, hot weather.
Remote sensing deactivating (some models)Remote control is outside of range of the unit. Place remote within 8 m (26 ft.) of the unit.
Remote control signal is obstructed- remove any item blocking front of unit. Low batteries. Replace batteries on remote control.