Gree air conditioner error codes

Error CodeError
E1Compressor high pressure protection
E2Freeze protection
E3Compressor low pressure protection, refrigerant lacking protection, refrigerant recycling mode
E4Compressor high discharge temperature protection
E6Communication malfunction
E8Malfunction of indoor fan motor
E9Full water protection
FOMalfunction of indoor ambient temperature sensor
F1Malfunction of evaporator temperature sensor
F2Malfunction of condenser temperature sensor
F3Malfunction of outdoor ambient temperature sensor
F4Malfunction of discharge temperature sensor
F5Malfunction wired controller temperature sensor
C5Wong dial switch of capacity
EEMalfunction of outdoor main control memory chip
PFMalfunction of electric box sensor
H3Compressor overload protection
H4Overload protection
H5I PM protection
H6Malfunction of DC fan motor
H7Drive desynchronizing protection
Hcpfc protection
L1Malfunction of humidity sensor
LcStart-up failure
LdCompressor phase protection
LFPower protection
LPModels of indoor unit and outdoor unit do not match with each other
U7Direction changing malfunction of 4-way valve
PODrive reset protection
P5Overcurrent protection
P6Communication malfunction between main control and drive
P7Malfunction of drive module sensor
P8High temperature protection of drive module
P9Zero-cross protection
PAAC current protection
PCMalfunction of drive current
PdSensor connection protection
PETemperature excursion protection
PLLow voltage protection of bus bar
PHHigh voltage protection of bus bar
PUCharging circuit malfunction
PPAbnormity of input voltage
eeMalfunction of outdoor drive memory chip