Fujitsu air conditioning fault codes

Fujitsu air conditioning fault codes

Sooner or later, any air conditioner, even the one of the best quality, can break down. Malfunctions can be both serious, requiring expensive repairs, and minor ones, which can be prevented in the majority of cases with timely maintenance. Let’s consider the main types of breakdowns and possible ways of their repair.

Fujitsu Air Conditioner wall mounted Type Inverter Faults Codes

ErrorIndoor unit LED
Indoor unit LED
Timer LED
Wired remote controlError
Serial signal errorOff2flash01Serial signal (reverse) error, at operation start up
3 flash01Serial signal (reverse) error, during oeration
4 flash13Serial signal (forward) error, at operation start up
5 flash13Serial signal (forward) error, during operation
8 flash00Wired remote control error
Indoor unit thermistor error2 flash2 flash02Indoor air thermistor error
3 flash04Heat exchanger middle thermistor error
Outdoor unit thermistor error3 flash2 flash0CDischarge pipe thermistor error
3 flash06Heat exchanger thermistor error
4 flash0AOutdoor air thermistor error
Indoor unit control error4 flash2 flash20Manual auto button welded
3 flash-Main relay welded
4 flash2ANot distinguishing 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Outdoor unit control error5 flash2 flash17Current trip error
3 flash18CT abnormal
5 flash1ACompressor location detection error
6 flash1BOutdoor unit fan drive system abnormal
Indoor fan motor error6 flash2 flash12Abnormal lock (upper fan motor)
3 flash12Abnormal rotation (upper fan motor)
Refrigerant cycle error7 flash2 flash0FDischarge temperature abnormal
3 flash24Cooling high pressure abnormal rise
4 flash2C ?DC 4-way valve and expansion valve abnormal
Optional function error8 flash2 flash19Active filter error (first)
3 flash19Active filter error (second)
4 flash25PFC circuit error
Model information error0.1 sec on/off0.1 sec on/off11Model information error

Fujitsu Air Conditioner Inverter Split Type Faults Codes

Fault CodeError contents
01 13
26 27
Indoor signal error
00Wired remote controller abnormal
02Indoor room temperature sensor error
04Indoor heat exchanger temperature sensor (middle) error
28Indoor heat exchanger temperature sensor (inlet) error
09Float switch operated
0COutdoor discharge pipe temperature sensor error
06Outdoor heat exchanger temperature sensor (outlet) error
0AOutdoor temperature sensor error
15Compressor temperature sensor error
1d2-way valve temperature sensor error
1E3-way valve temperature sensor error
29Outdoor heat exchanger temperature sensor (middle) error
20Indoor manual auto switch abnormal
2APower supply frequency detection error
17IPM protection
18CT error
1ACompressor location error
1bOutdoor fan error
1FConnected indoor unit abnormal
1cOutdoor unit computer communication error
12Indoor fan abnormal
0FDischarge temperature error
24Exessive high pressure protection on cooling
2c4-way valve abnormal
16Pressure switch abnormal
2bCompressor temperature error
19Active filter abnormal
25PFC circuit error
CORemote control error

Outdoor unit
FLASH (0.1sec ON/0.1sec OFF)Temperature sensor error
FLASH (0.5sec ON/0.5sec OFF)IPM protection
FLASH (2sec ON/2sec OFF)Current trans. error
FLASH (5sec ON/5sec OFF)Outdoor fan error
FLASH (0.1sec ON/2sec OFF)Compressor rotor position cannot be detected
FLASH (5sec ON/0.1sec OFF)ACTPM error
LightingOverheat discharge temperature protection

Fujitsu Air Conditioner Hardwired Remote Controller System Error Codes

When EE:EE is displayed on remote control , press “Energy Save” & “Zone Control” buttons simultaneously for longer than 3 secs. The error code will then be displayed on the LCD.

E0:00Coms error – indoor to remote
E1:00Coms error – indoor to outdoor
E2:00Return air thermistor open circuit
E3:00Return air thermistor short circuit
E4:00Indoor coil thermistor open
E5:00Indoor coil thermistor shorted
E6:00Outdoor coil thermistor open
E7:00Outdoor coil thermistor shorted
EA:00Outdoor ambient thermistor open
Eb:00Outdoor ambient thermistor shorted
Ec:00Discharge pipe themistor open
Ed:00Discharge pipe thermistor shorted
EE:00 High Pressure problem
EF:00Discharge pipe temp. Problem – too high = short of gas

Press “Energy Save” & “Zone Control” buttons simultaneously for longer than 3 secs to return to normal operating mode
(1) Stop the air conditioner operation.
(2) Press the master control button and the fan control button simultaneously for 2 seconds or more to start the test run
(3) Press the start/stop button to stop the test run

When the error indication E:EE is displayed, follow the following items
to perform the self-diagnosis. E:EE indicates an error has occurred.

1) Stop the air conditioner operation.
2) Press the set temperature buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds or more to start the self-diagnosis.
Refer to the following tables for the description of each error code
(3) Press the set temperature buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds or more to stop the self-diagnosis

Error codeError contents
00Communication error (indoor unit to remote controller)
01Communication error (indoor unit to outdoor unit)
02Room temperature sensor open
03Room temperature sensor short-circuited
04Indoor heat exchanger temperature sensor open
05 Indoor heat exchanger temperature sensor shortcircuited
06Outdoor heat exchanger temperature sensor open
07Outdoor heat exchanger temperature sensor shortcircuit
08Power source connection error
09Float switch operated
0AOutdoor temperature sensor open
0bOutdoor temperature sensor short-circuited
0cDischarge pipe temperature sensor open
0dDischarge pipe temperature sensor short-circuited
0EOutdoor high pressure abnormal
0FDischarge pipe temperature abnormal
11Model abnormal
12Indoor fan abnormal
13Outdoor signal abnormal
14Outdoor EEPROM abnormal

Fujitsu air conditioning fault codes Wall Mounted Single Systems ASY, ASYA & ASYB

Includes AWYZ Nokria Models

Red Light OperationGreen Light Timer  
Off2 FlashesReverse Comms Fail at Startup
3 FlashesReverse Comms Fail In Use
4 FlashesForward Comms Fail at Startup
5 FlashesForward Comms Fail In Use
8 FlashesWired Remote Control Failure
2 Flashes2 FlashesIndoor Air Sensor Fail
Indoor Pipe Sensor Fail
3 Flashes 2 Flashes ODDisch Sensor Fail
3 Flashes ODPipe Sensor Fail
4 Flashes ODAir Sensor Fail
8 FlashesCompressor Temp Sensor Fail
4 Flashes2 FlashesForced Auto Switch Welded
3 FlashesMain Relay Welded
4 FlashesPower Failure
7 FlashesVDD Permament Stop Protection
8 FlashesReverse VDD Permament Stop
5 Flashes2 FlashesCurrent Trip
3 FlashesCT Abnormal
5 FlashesCompressor Failure
6 FlashesOutdoor Fan Failure
6 Flashes2 FlashesID Fan Motor Locked
3 FlashesID Fan Motor Rotation Error
7 Flashes 2 FlashesHigh Discharge Temperature
3 FlashesHigh Pressure
5 FlashesPressure Switch Fail
8 Flashes2 Flashes Active Filter AFM Fail 1st Time
3 Flashes Active Filter AFM Fail 2nd Time
4 Flashes PFC Circuit Error
BlinkingBlinkingPCB Failure

All Other Wireless Indoor Units AUY, ABY & AWY Models Fujitsu air conditioning fault codes

Including Multi Systems (Not J Series or VRF)

Red Light operationGreen Light TimerYellow Light SwingFail
Slow BlinkSlow BlinkTest
BlinksBlinksOff ID PCB Fail
BlinksBlinksOD PCB Fail
2 PulsesOffOD Power Connection Failure
3 PulsesOffOD Unit Pipe Sensor Fail
4 PulsesOff OD Unit Air sensor Fail
4 PulsesBlinksOD Unit Air sensor Short
5 PulsesOffOD Unit Disch Sensor Fail
BlinksOD Unit Disch Sensor Short
6 Pulses OffHigh Pressure
7 PulsesHigh Discharge or Compressor Temp
9 PulsesOD Unit Compressor Temp Sensor
10 PulsesIPM Error
11 PulsesCT Error
12 PulsesAFM Filter Error
13 PulsesCompressor Error
14 PulsesOD Fan Motor Fail
2 PulsesBlinks Air Sensor Open
BlinksAir Sensor Closed
3 PulsesOffPipe Sensor Open
BlinksPipe Sensor Closed
4 PulsesOffDrain Problem
5 PulsesCommunication Error
BlinksOD PCB or Wiring Error
6 PulsesOffIndoor Fan Failure

Fujitsu split ac system fault codes Wall Mounted Multi Models

Initial Display  
2 FlashesBlinksID Sensor Failure
4 FlashesID Control Error
5 FlashesComms Failure
6 FlashesID Fan Failure
Blinks2 FlashesOD Thermistor Fail
3 FlashesPressure Switch
4 FlashesID Units Incorrect
5 FlashesInverter Failure

Fujitsu air conditioning Wired Remote Control Models fault codes

Code Consists of Indoor Unit Address Followed by the Fault Code
Below. No E denotes No Fault

OOID to RC Comms Fail
O1ID to OD Comms Fail
O2ID Air Sensor Open
O3ID Air Sensor Close
O4ID Pipe Sensor Open
O5ID Pipe Sensor Close
O6OD Pipe Sensor Fail
O8Power Source Connection Failure
O9Drain Problem Float switch operated
OAOD Air Sensor Fail
OCDischarge sensor Fail
OEOutdoor High Pressure Heatsink error
11OD PCB Fail
12ID Fan Fail
13OD Signal Abnormal ID signal error
15Compressor Temp Failure
16Pressure Switch Error
17IPM Error
18CT Error
19Active Filter Module Error
1ACompressor Failure
1BOD Fan Failure
1CInverter to PCB Comms Fail
1D2 Way Valve sensor Fail
1EExpansion Valve Error
1FConnection ID Unit Error
20Indoor manual switch abnormal
24Excessive high pressure protection on cooling
25PFC circuit error
26Indoor signal error
27Indoor signal error
28Indoor heat exchanger temperature error
29Outdoor heat exchanger temperature (middle) error
2APower supply frequency detection error
2BCompressor temperature error
2CFour-way valve abnormal

Outdoor PCB Fault Codes

Inverter OD Unit PCBs
(1 red LED)
  Non Inverter OD PCBs
(2 red LEDs)
PulsesModels 9-30Models 36-54BlinksBlinksOD PCB Fail
1Comms FailureComms Failure1 PulseLiftPower Source Failure
2Disch Sensor FaiDisch Sensor Fai2 PulsesLiftOD Disch Temp Sensor
3Pipe Sensor FailPipe Sensor Fail3 PulsesLitOD Pipe Sensor
4Air Sensor FailAir Sensor Fail4 PulsesLitOD Air Sensor
52 Way Valve Sensor5 PulsesLitComms Failure
63 Way Valve Sensor 6 PulsesLitIndoor Unit Error
7Compressor Thermistor Compressor Thermistor 7 PulsesLitHigh Discharge Temp
8Pressure SwitchHeatsink Sensor Fail8 PulsesLitHigh Pressure
9Indoor Comms ErrorPressure Switch9 PulsesLitCompressor Temp Abnormal
10Current Trip10 PulsesLitCompressor Temp Sensor Fail
11CT Fail
12Compressor Position FailIPM Error
13Compressor Start FailCompressor Position Fail
14Timer FailureCompressor Start Fail
15OD Upper Fan Fail
16OD Lower Fan Fail
Slow BlinkProtect Operation