Fujitsu air conditioning error codes

Fujitsu air conditioning error codes

Each model comes with a table of fault codes, by which you can tell the cause of a malfunction. Before you decide to call a professional technician, you should understand that faults and error codes may result from a power surge or glitch. Therefore, if there is a problem, it is advisable to unplug a device for a little while and then plug it back in. Measures should be taken only if the code appears again.

Fujitsu air conditioner error code a1

Try to reset the indoor and the outdoor units by disconnecting power for a few minutes. Reconnect them and run the system. If the A1 error code appears again, this may be due to a high compressor discharge temperature in the outdoor unit.

This may be caused by a blockage in the refrigerant pipe or a refrigerant leak. Either way, the issue requires a serious repair, which can be carried out by a professional only.

When “EE” in Temperature Display is displayed, inspection of the air conditioning system is necessary.

Please consult authoilzed servise personnel if there is a problem with the heater.

Error codeError contents
00Communication error (remote control - indoor unit)
01Communication error (Serial reverse transfer error)
02Room temperature sensor error
04Indoor heat exchanger temperature sensor error
06Outdoor heat exchanger temperature sensor (outlet) error
09Water drain abnormal
0AOutdoor temperature sensor error
0COutdoor discharge pipe temperature sensor error
0FDischarge temperature error
12Indoor fan motor abnormal
13Outdoor communication signal error (Forward transfer signal error)
15Compressor temperature sensor error
16Pressure switch error
17IPM error
18CT error
1ACompressor rotor location cannot detect (permanent stop)
1bOutdoor unit fan motor error
1d2-way valve temperature thermistor
1E3-way valve temperature thermistor
1CMain CPU - sub CPU communication error
1FConnected indoor unit error
20Indoor manual auto switch error
24Exessive high pressure protection on cooling
26Communication error (Main PCB -
Display PCB)
27Communication error (Display PCB - Main PCB)
2c4-way valve error
03Room temperature thermistor short-circuited
05Indoor heat exchanger temperature thermistor short-circuited
07Outdoor heat exchanger temperature thermistor short-circuited
08Power supply frequency detection error
0bOutdoor temperature thermistor short-circuited
0dOutdoor discharge pipe temperature thermistor short-circuited
0EHeat sink temperature
thermistor error
11Indoor EEPROM abnormal
19Active Filter Module (AFM) error

Fujitsu SPLIT TYPE air conditioner error codes

Operation can be checked by lighting and flashing of the display section OPERATION, TIMER and VERTICAL SWING lamps

SWING lamp
Error contents
BlinksBlinksGoes offModel information abnormal (permanent type)
Pulses 4 timesDrain abnormal (permanent type)
Pulses 6 timesIndoor fan abnormal
Pulses 2 timesRoom air temperature thermistor open circuited
Pulses 2 timesBlinksRoom air temperature thermistor shortcircuited
Pulses 3 timesGoes offPiping thermistor open circuited
BlinksPiping thermistor short-circuited
Pulses 5 timesGoes offSerial communications abnormal
BlinksPulses 2 timesReverse phase wire connection abnormal
Pulses 3 timesOutdoor heat exchange thermistor open circuited
BlinksOutdoor heat exchange thermistor shortcircuited
Pulses 6 timesGoes offHigh pressure abnormal
Pulses 5 timesOutdoor discharge thermistor open circuited
BlinksOutdoor discharge thermistor shortcircuited
Pulses 7 timesGoes offDischarge temperature abnormal
Outdoor air temperature thermistor open circuited
Pulses 4 timesBlinksOutdoor air temperature thermistor shortcircuited

Fujitsu air conditioner Error Codes Wall Mounted Type

See the lamp blinking patterns and error codes in the table below. An error display is displayed only during operation.

(green) / (orange)Wired
Error code
*(1)/*(1)11Serial communication error• When the indoor unit cannot receive the signal from the branch unit
• When the branch unit cannot receive the signal from the indoor unit
*(1)/*(2)12Remote controller
communication error
•Wired remote controller communication error
*(1)/*(5)15Scan error•Check operation incompletion error (normally, operation disabled)
*(2)/*(1)21Initial setting error•Wiring mistake
*(2)/*(2)22Indoor unit capacity error•Indoor unit capacity error
*(2)/*(3)23Connection disabled (series error)•Combination error
*(2)/*(4)24Connection unit number error•Connection unit number error (indoor unit)
•Connection unit number error (branch unit)
*(3)/*(2)32Indoor unit main PCB error•Indoor unit PCB Model information error
*(3)/*(5)35Manual auto switch error•Manual auto switch error
*(4)/*(1)41Room error•Inlet thermistor error
*(4)/*(2)42Indoor unit Heat Ex. sensor error•Indoor unit Heat Ex. Middle thermistor error
*(5)/*(1)51Indoor unit fan motor error•Main fan motor lock error
•Main fan motor revolution speed error
*(5)/*(3)53Water Drain error•Drain pump error
*(5)/*(15)5UIndoor unit error•Indoor unit error
*(6)/*(2)62Outdoor unit main PCB error•Outdoor unit PCB Model information error
•Outdoor unit PCB microcomputer communication error
*(6)/*(3)63Inverter PCB error•Inverter error
*(6)/*(4)64Active fi lter error
PFC circuit error
•Voltage error stoppage permanently
•Voltage error (can restore)
•Over current protected operation stoppage permanently
•PFC hardware error
*(6)/*(5)65IPM error•Trip terminal L error
*(6)/*(10)6ADisplay panel error•Microcomputers communication error
*(7)/*(1)71Discharge thermistor error•Discharge thermistor 1 error
*(7)/*(2)72Compressor thermistor error•Compressor thermistor 1 error
*(7)/*(3)73Outdoor unit Heat Ex.
Sensor error
•Outdoor unit Heat Ex. liquid thermistor error
*(7)/*(4)74Outdoor thermistor error•Outdoor thermistor error
*(7)/*(5)75Suction Gas thermistor error•Suction Gas thermistor error
*(7)/*(7)77Heat sink thermistor error•Heat sink thermistor error
*(8)/*(2)82Sub-cool Heat Ex. gas thermistor error•Sub-cool Heat Ex. gas inlet thermistor error
•Sub-cool Heat Ex. gas outlet thermistor error
*(8)/*(3)83Liquid pipe thermistor error•Liquid pipe thermistor 1 error
*(8)/*(4)84Current sensor error•Current sensor 1 error (stoppage permanently)
*(8)/*(6)86Pressure sensor error•Discharge pressure sensor error
•Suction pressure sensor error
•High pressure switch 1 error
*(9)/*(4)94Trip detection•Trip detection
*(9)/*(5)95compressor motor control error•Rotor position detection error (stoppage permanently)
*(9)/*(7)97Outdoor unit fan motor 1 error•Duty error
*(9)/*(9)994-way valve error•4-way valve error
*(10)/*(1)A1Refrigerant system Discharge temperature 1 error•Discharge temperature 1 error
*(10)/*(3)A3Refrigerant system Compressor temperature error•Compressor 1 temperature error
*(10)/*(5)A5Refrigerant system Pressure error 2•Low pressure error
*(13)/*(2)J2Unit fl ow divider error•EEPROM access error
•Equipment type information error
•Serial communication error to outdoor unit
•Branch units serial communication error
•Serial communication error to indoor unit
•Liquid pipe thermistor error
•Gas pipe thermistor error
•Expansion valve full closure operation error
•Remote controller communication error
•Branch unit error

•Display mode
*: 0.5s ON / 0.5s OFF, ( ): Number of flashing ^: 0.1s ON / 0.1s OFF

Fujitsu inverter air conditioner error codes

Error codeError contents
0Communication error (indoor unit to remote controller)
1Communication error (indoor unit to outdoor unit)
2Room temperature sensor open
3Room temperature sensor short-circuited
4Indoor heat exchanger temperature sensor open
5Indoor heat exchanger temperature sensor shortcircuited
6Outdoor heat exchanger temperature sensor open
7Outdoor heat exchanger temperature sensor shortcircuit
8Power source connection error
9Float switch operated
0AOutdoor temperature sensor open
0bOutdoor temperature sensor short-circuited
0cDischarge pipe temperature sensor open
0dDischarge pipe temperature sensor short-circuited
0EOutdoor high pressure abnormal
OFDischarge pipe temperature abnormal
11Model abnormal
12Indoor fan abnormal
13Outdoor signal abnormal
14Outdoor EEPROM abnormal