Fault codes

Problems can occur with any equipment, and air-conditioners are not an exception for the rule. If you are an owner of an air-conditioner who encountered a problem with his device, you should not worry, because the solution for this problem exists. Most air-conditioners are equipped with a special air-conditioner fault-codes system. Pay attention to a fault-code that appears on the screen of your air-conditioner as this would be the first step for you to identify the problem.

Your second step to solve the problem of your air-conditioner should be searching for the fault-code on our website. Here we provide fault-codes of air-conditioners manufactured by different companies. Even if your air-conditioner doesn’t belong to a famous brand, you may search for the fault-code on our website and determine the solution for the problem.

Although fault-codes are very useful to understand what the problem occurred with an air-conditioner, it is never guaranteed that you will be able to fix a problem on your own. When unable to do so, you should contact a service provider that deals with repair of air-conditioners on a regular basis. However, even these companies with find air conditioner fault-codes useful.