Fault codes Carrier ALPHA Inverter

Air conditioner repair begins with troubleshooting and diagnosis of the causes that led to problem. The reason might hide in a manufacturing defect, poor quality of installation, errors in the operation of the equipment, lack of timely service.

7.1 Indoor Unit Error Display Function

LED4    operation    LED2 defrosting    LED1 timer    LED4 auto

Carrier ALPHA Inverter air conditioning fault codes

defrostTimerAutooperationLED STATUS
XXO*Mold protection
OXXCompressor top protection against temperature
XOXOpen or short circuit of outdoor temperature sensor
XOOOver load or too low voltage protection
OOORoom temperature or evaporator temperature sensor open or short circuit of
OO*Fan speed beyond control
*XOZero-crossing examination error
*OXTemperature fuse protection
XX*EEPROM data error
*OXTypes doesn't match
***Indoor / outdoor units communication protection

O (on)  X (off) * (flash)
7.2 Outdoor Unit Error Self-diagnosis Display

Outdoor Unit Error:  If L4 flashes at 1 Hz
Outdoor unit works:  L4 on
Outdoor unit Stand by:  If L4 flashes at 0.5Hz