Chigo Air Conditioner Error Codes

Chigo air conditioner Error Codes

Chigo SA-ZM03ENG-1 Air Conditioner Error Codes

Digital tube displayLine controller displayFailure description4LED failure indication
EOEO3-phase electric phase sequence failure
E1E1Communication failure of indoor and outdoor unitsFast flashing of timing light
E2E2Room temperature sensor (T1) failureFast flashing of operation light
E3E3Failure of middle pipe temperature sensor (T2) of
E4E4Failure of middle pipe temperature sensor (T2B) of
E5E5Failure of outdoor unit
E7E7EEPROM failure of indoor unitSlow flashing of defrosting light
EEEEWater fill protectionFast flashing of alarm light
E9E9Communication failure of indoor unit and line controller
FOFOStalling protection of indoor fan

Chigo CMV-MINI Air Conditioner Error Codes

Fault CodeFault Contents 
ElOutdoor unit phase-sequence fault
E2Communication fault between the outdoor unit and the hos
E4Environmental temperature sensor fault
E6Condenser pipe temperature sensor fault
E9AC over-voltage / under-voltage protection
E10EEPROM fault
HOCommunication fault of 0513 and DSP
HICommunication fault of 0513 and 052 7

Chigo CCB-12HR1 Air Conditioner Error Codes

Digital display4LED FaultsFailure description
E2Timer light flashingAmbient temperature sensor (T1 ) failure
E3Running light flashingEvaporator pipe temperature sensor (T2) failure
E5Defrost light flashingCondenser pipe temperature sensor (T3) failure
F5Warning light flashingWater full filled protection
E1Running light, defrost light flashingIndoor unit and wire controller communication failure
P6Running light, timer light flashingIndoor unit EEPROM failure
FODefrost light, timer light flashingIndoor fan stall protection
F2Defrost light, warning light flashingOutdoor protection
EOTimer light, warning light flashingIndoor unit and outdoor unit communication failure
F3Running light, defrost light, timer light flashingHigh pressure protection
F4Defrost light, timer light, warning light flashingLow pressure protection
F8Running light, timer light, warning light flashingOutdoor unit exhaust temperature over- high protection
F9`Running light, defrost light, timer light, warning light flashingThree-phase electricity phase sequence failure

Chigo CSG-07HVR1(84) Air Conditioner Error Codes

LED codesFaults
EOCommunication fault between the unit and outdoor units
E2Room temperature sensor fault
E3Temperature sensor fault at the middle of the pipe
E5Temperature sensor fault at the outlet of the pipe
E6Indoor fan fault(For PG motor )
E8Protection from room temperature or ambient temperature being too low
E9Outdoor unit failure
EAZero-cross protection (For PG motor )
EFModes conflict hint

Chigo 38B Air Conditioner Error Codes

Digital self-check code/ (Polychrome screen self-check code)Self-check informationSelf-check code of luminotron/ (Self-check code of running lamp)
Indicates "dF"or defrosting indicator displaysHint to defrostingFlicker 1 time/1 s
Fan motor picture not runningHint to defense against cold windFlicker 1 time/3s
E2/(L2)Failure of room temperature sensorFlicker 2 times/4s (Flicker 2 times/8s)
E3/(L1)Failure of coiled pipe sensorFlicker 3 times/5s (Flicker 1 time/8s)
E4/(E5)Abnormality of outdoor unitFlicker 4 times/6s (luminating)
E5/(L6)Without feedback of internal fan motorFlicker 5 times/7s (Flicker 6 times/8s)
E6Zero crossing signal without currentFlicker 6 times/8s
E7External feedback failureFlicker 7 times/9s
E8Overheat protectionFlicker 8 times/1 Os
E9Water pump failureFlicker 9 times/11s