Toshiba split type air conditioner error code

Toshiba split type air conditioner error code

You’ve lost the user’s manual where every Toshiba air error code is explained? No need to worry, as we have all the fault codes explained in the list below.

  • The list contains the following information for every fault code:
  • the parts of the air conditioner that are probably not working;
  • judging device;
  • a brief error description, as well as the parts that should be checked.

In addition to this, every Toshiba air error code is provided with the information on the conditioner status. This column explains whether the conditioning system is working or whether it has experienced an entire stop or auto-reset.

Toshiba mini split type AC error code

Maintenance List

PartCheck (visual/auditory)Maintenance
Heat exchanger• Dust/dirt clogging, scratches• Wash the heat exchanger when it is clogged.
Fan motor• Sound• Take appropriate measures when abnormal sound is generated.
Filter• Dust/dirt, breakage• Wash the filter with water when it is contaminated.

• Replace it when it is damaged.
Fan• Vibration, balance

• Dust/dirt, appearance
• Replace the fan when vibration or balance is terrible.

• Brush or wash the fan when it is contaminated.
Air inlet/outlet grilles• Dust/dirt, scratches• Fix or replace them when they are deformed or damaged.
Drain pan• Dust/dirt clogging, drain contamination• Clean the drain pan and check the downward slope for smooth drainage.
Ornamental panel, louvres • Dust/dirt, scratches• Wash them when they are contaminated or apply repair coating.
Exterior• Rust, peeling of insulator

• Peeling/lift of coat
• Apply repair coating.

Error codes and parts to be checked

Wired remote controller display
Main defective partsParts to be checked
error description
E01No header remote controllerIncorrect remote controller setting - The header remote controller has not been set (including two remote controllers).
E01Remote controller communication errorNo signal can be received from the indoor unit.
E02Remote controller transmission errorSystem interconnecting wires, indoor P.C. board, remote controller.
- No signal can be sent to the indoor unit.
E03Indoor unit-remote controller regular communication errorRemote controller, network adapter, indoor P.C. board - No data is received from the remote controller or network adapter.
E04Indoor unit-outdoor unit serial communication errorSystem interconnecting wires, indoor P.C. board, outdoor P.C. board - Serial communication error between indoor unit and outdoor unit
E04IPDU-CDB communication error
E08Duplicated indoor addresses *Indoor address setting error - The same address as the self-address was detected.
E09Duplicated header remote controllersRemote controller address setting error - Two remote controllers are set as header in the double-remote controller control.
(* The header indoor unit stops raising alarm and follower indoor units continue to operate.)
E10CPU-CPU communication errorIndoor P.C. board - Communication error between main MCU and motor microcomputer MCU
E18Header indoor unit-indoor follower unit regular communication errorIndoor P.C. board - Regular communication is not possible between header and follower indoor units or between twin header (main) and follower (sub) units.
E31IPDU communication errorCommunication error between IPDU and CDB
F01Indoor unit heat exchanger sensor (TCJ) errorHeat exchanger sensor (TCJ), indoor P.C. board - Open-circuit or short-circuit of the heat exchanger sensor (TCJ) was detected.
F02 Indoor unit heat exchanger sensor (TC) errorHeat exchanger sensor (TC), indoor P.C. board - Open-circuit short-circuit of the heat exchanger sensor (TC) was detected.
F04Outdoor unit discharge temp. sensor (TD) errorOutdoor temp. sensor (TD), outdoor P.C. board - Open-circuit or short-circuit of the discharge temp. sensor was detected.
F06Outdoor unit temp. sensor (TE/TS) errorOutdoor temp. sensors (TE/TS), outdoor P.C. board - Open-circuit short-circuit of the heat exchanger temp. sensor was detected.
F07TL sensor errorTL sensor may be displaced, disconnected or short-circuited.
F08Outdoor unit outside air temp.
sensor error
Outdoor temp. sensor (TO), outdoor P.C. board - Open-circuit or short-circuit of the outdoor air temp. sensor was detected.
F10Indoor unit room temp. sensor (TA) errorRoom temp. sensor (TA), indoor P.C. board - Open-circuit or short
F12TS (1) sensor errorTS (1) sensor may be displaced, disconnected or short-circuited.
F13Heat sink sensor errorAbnormal temperature was detected by the temp. sensor of the IGBT heat sink
F15Temp. sensor connection errorTemp. sensor (TE/TS) may be connected incorrectly.
F29Indoor unit, other P.C. board errorIndoor P.C. board - EEPROM error
F31Outdoor unit P.C. boardOutdoor P.C. board - In the case of EEPROM error.
H01Outdoor unit compressor breakdown Current detect circuit, power voltage - Minimum frequency was reached in the current releasing control or short-circuit current (Idc) after direct excitation was detected
H02Outdoor unit compressor lockCompressor circuit - Compressor lock was detected.
H03Outdoor unit current detect circuit errorCurrent detect circuit, outdoor unit P.C. board - Abnormal current was detected in AC-CT or a phase loss was detected.
H04Case thermostat operation (1)Malfunction of the case thermostat
H06Outdoor unit low-pressure system errorCurrent, high-pressure switch circuit, outdoor P.C. board - Ps pressure sensor error was detected or low-pressure protective operation was activated.
L03Duplicated header indoor unitsIndoor address setting error - There are two or more header units in the group.
L07Group line in individual indoor unit *Indoor address setting error - There is at least one group-connected indoor unit among individual indoor units.
L08Indoor group address not set *Indoor address setting error - Indoor address group has not been set.
L09Indoor power level not setIndoor power level has not been set.
L10Outdoor unit P.C. boardIn the case of outdoor P.C. board jumper wire (for service) setting error
L20LAN communication errorAddress setting, central control remote controller, network adapter - Duplication of address in central control communication
L29Other outdoor unit errorOther outdoor unit error
1) Communication error between IPDU MCU and CDB MCU
2) Abnormal temperature was detected by the heat sink temp. sensor in IGBT.
L30Abnormal external input into indoor unit (interlock)External devices, outdoor unit P.C. board incorrect external input into CN80
L31Phase sequence error, etc.Power supply phase sequence, outdoor unit P.C. board - Abnormal phase sequence of the 3-phase power supply
P01Indoor unit fan errorIndoor fan motor, indoor P.C. board - Indoor thermal relay activated) was detected.
P03Outdoor unit discharge temp. errorAn error was detected in the discharge temp. releasing control.
P04Outdoor unit high-pressure system errorHigh-pressure switch - The IOL was activated or an error was detected in the high-pressure releasing control using the TE.
P05Open phase detectedThe power supply wire may be connected phase and voltages of the power supply.
P07Heat sink overheatAbnormal temperature was detected by the temp. sensor of the IGBT heat sink.
P10Indoor unit water overflow detectedDrain pipe, clogging of drainage, float switch circuit, indoor P.C. board - Drainage is out of order or the float switch was activated.
P15Gas leakage detectedThere may be gas leakage from the pipe or connecting part. Check for gas leakage.
P194-way valve error4-way valve, indoor temp. sensors (TC/TCJ) - An error was detected due to temperature drop of the indoor unit heat exchanger sensor when heating.
P20High-pressure protective operationHigh-pressure protection
P22Outdoor unit fan errorOutdoor unit fan motor, outdoor unit P.C. board - An error (overcurrent, locking, etc.) was detected in the outdoor unit fan drive circuit.
P26Outdoor unit inverter Idc activatedIGBT, outdoor unit P.C. board, inverter wiring, compressor - Short-circuit protection for compressor drive circuit devices (G-Tr/IGBT) was activated.
P29Outdoor unit position errorOutdoor unit P.C. board, high-pressure switch - Compressor motor position error was detected.
P31Other indoor unit errorAnother indoor unit in the group is raising an alarm. E03/L07/L03/L08 alarm check locations and error description

* – : The air conditioner automatically enters the auto-address setting mode.