Toshiba multi system air conditioner error codes

Toshiba multi system air conditioner error codes

Modern air conditioning systems are complex devices featuring not only the cooling loop, but also the main control board and sensors. When there is a need to identify a malfunction and its causes, a self-diagnosis system is activated, which detects faults and codes them. Error codes allow users to properly diagnose problems and save a lot of time.

Toshiba multi system air conditioner TROUBLESHOOTING

In addition to the check code on the remote controller of the indoor unit, a trouble of the outdoor unit can be diagnosed by 7-segment display of the control P.C. board of the outdoor unit.

Make good use of this function for various checks. After check, return each bit of Dip switch to OFF position.

Segment display and check code


∗ However, when there is an auxiliary code, the check code (for 3 seconds) and the auxiliary code (for 1 second) are alternately displayed.

Check Code (Outdoor 7-segment display [B])
Displayed when SW01: 1, SW02: 1, SW03: 1

Toshiba multi system air conditioner error codes

Check code
Outdoor 7-segment display
Auxiliary codeCheck code name
E06Number of indoor unit which received normallyDecrease of number of indoor units
E07-Indoor/Outdoor communication circuit error
E08Duplicated indoor addressesDuplication of indoor addresses
E1201: Communication between indoor and outdoor
02: Communication between outdoor units
Automatic address start error
E15-Indoor is nothing during automatic addressing
E1600: Capacity over 01~: No. of connected unitsCapacity over / Number of connected indoor units
E1900: Header is nothing
02: Two or more header units
Number of header outdoor units error
E2001: Other line outdoor connected
02: Other line indoor connected
Other line connected during automatic addressing
E23-Sending error between outdoor units communication
E25-Duplicated follower outdoor address setup
E26Number of outdoor unit which received normallyDecrease of connected outdoor units
E28Detected outdoor unit NoFollower outdoor unit error
E31IPDU quantity informationIPDU communication error
F04-TD1 sensor error
F05-TD2 sensor error
F06-TE1 sensor error
F07-TL sensor error
F08-TO sensor error
F12-TS1 sensor error
F1301: Compressor 1 side 02: Compressor 2 sideTH sensor error
F15-Outdoor temp. sensor miswiring (TE, TL)
F16-Outdoor pressure sensor miswiring (Pd, Ps)
F23-Ps sensor error
F24-Pd sensor error
F31-Outdoor EEPROM error
H0101: Compressor 1 side 02: Compressor 2 sideCompressor breakdown
H0201: Compressor 1 side 02: Compressor 2 sideMagnet switch error
Overcurrent relay operation
Compressor trouble (Lock)
H0301: Compressor 1 side 02: Compressor 2 sideCurrent detective circuit system error
H04-Compressor 1 case thermo operation
H06-Low-pressure protective operation
H07-Oil level down detection protection
H0801: TK1 sensor error 02: TK2 sensor error
03: TK3 sensor error 04: TK4 sensor error
Temp sensor error for oil level detection
H14-Compressor 2 case thermo operation
H1601: TK1 oil circuit system error
02: TK2 oil circuit system error
03: TK3 oil circuit system error
04: TK4 oil circuit system error
Magnet switch error
Overcurrent relay operation
Oil level detective circuit system error
L04-Outdoor system address duplicated
L06Number of indoor units with priorityDuplication of indoor units with priority
L08-Indoor group/Address unset
L10-Outdoor capacity unset
L28-Outdoor connected quantity over
L29IPDU quantity informationIPDU quantity error
L30Detected indoor addressExternal interlock of indoor unit
L31-Extended I/C error
P03-Discharge temp TD1 error
P0401: Compressor 1 side 02: Compressor 2 sideHigh-pressure SW system operation
P0501: Phase missing detection
02: Phase order error
Phase missing detection / Phase order error
P0701: Compressor 1 side 02: Compressor 2 sideHeat sink overheat error
P10Detected indoor addressIndoor overflow error
P13-Outdoor liquid back detection error
P1501: TS condition 02: TD conditionGas leak detection
P17-Discharge temp. TD2 error
P19Detected outdoor unit number4-way valve inverse error
P20-High-pressure protective operation
P220 ∗: IGBT short
1 ∗: Fan motor position detective circuit error
3 ∗: Fan motor trouble
C ∗: TH sensor temp. error (Heat sink overheat)
D ∗: TH sensor error
E ∗: Vdc output error
Outdoor fan IPDU error
P2601: Compressor 1 side 02: Compressor 2 sideIGBT short protection error
P2901: Compressor 1 side 02: Compressor 2 sideCompressor position detective circuit system error