TGM Air Conditioner Error Code

Tgm air conditioner error code

If you’re searching for an explanation of the error code (a letter and a number) you may see on the display of your TGM air conditioner, don’t look any further. The list below explains the meanings of the most common error codes. This information was provided by the TGM Air Conditioning brand, which belongs to the South Florida stocking distributor of HVACR equipment Refricenter International.

EOEEPROM parameter error
E1Indoor / outdoor units communication protection
E2Zero-crossing signal error
E3Fan speed out of control
E5Open or short circuit of outdoor ambient or condenser temperature sensor
E6Open or short circuit of indoor room or evaporator temperature sensor
POInverter module (IGBT) over-strong current protection
P1Overvoltage or too low voltage protection
P2Temperature protection of compressor top.
P4Inverter compressor drive error

TGM F series air conditioner error codes

Flash 1 timeoffE1EEPROM parameter error
Flash 2 timesE2Zero-crossing signal detection error
Flash 3 timesE3Indoor fan speed has been out of control
Flash 5 timesE5Indoor room temperature sensor T1 open circuit or short circuit
Flash 6 timesE6Evaporator coil temperature sensor T2 open circuit or short circuit
Flash 2 timeslightECRefrigerant leakage detection