Samsung free joint multi air conditioner error codes

Is your air conditioner displaying an error code? If yes, then check out the table below to find out what is possibly causing the malfunction. In many cases, this information is enough to repair the appliance on your own. However, it will be of great help even if you don’t have the intention of fixing the air conditioner by yourself, as it gives you an understanding of what’s going on.

Free Joint Multi & Multi-Split Type Room Air Conditioner

The table below give indication about self diagnostic routine. Some of error code requires activities exclusively for Authorise Service Center.

The error indicated on the PCB display of outdoor unit

DISPLAYEXPLANATION (The error indicated on the PCB display of outdoor unit)REMARK
E1 01Communiaction error(indoor unable to receive data)Check electrical and setting
E1 02Outdoor unit communication error

(Abnormal data from indoor unit over 60 packet)
E1 21Indoor unit room temperature sensor error (Open/Short)
E1 22Indoor unit heat exchanger in temperature sensor error (Open/Short)
E1 23Indoor unit heat exchanger out temperature sensor error (Open/Short)
E1 28Indoor unit sensor error-Evaporator pipe in sensor - Self diagnosis
E1 29Indoor unit sensor error-Evaporator pipe out sensor - Self diagnosis
E1 54Indoor Unit FAN Error
E1 61More than two indoor units cool and heat simultaneously
E1 62Indoor Unit EEPROM Error
E1 63Indoor Unit EEPROM Option Error
E1 90Failure of pipe check operationCheck piping connection and setting
E1 99No pipe check operation check

- occasion : try to operation after the installation through auto addressing

mode without pipe check operation.
Check setting
E2 01The number of Indoor unit mismatchedCheck electrical connection and setting
E2 02Communication error between the outdoor and indoor unit
E2 03Outdoor communication error between main PCB and sub PCB
E2 21Outside temperature sensor error(Short/Open)

- Error level: over 4.9V(-50°C) under 0.4V(93°C)
E2 37Condenser temperature sensor error(Short/Open)

- Error level: over 4.9V(-50°C) under 0.4V(93°C)
E2 46Outdoor unit sensor error - Condenser out sensor(Short/Open) - Self diagnosis
E2 51Compressor Discharge temperature sensor error
E2 61Compressor discharge sensor detached - Self diagnosis
E3 20Compressor OLP sensor error (Short/Open)

- Error condition : outdoor temperature under -20°C

- Error level : over 4.95V(-30°C) under 0.5V(151°C)
E4 01Outdoor unit freezing(Compressor stop)Check pipe lenght, indoor unit filter, refrigerant leakage/charge and service port
E4 04Outdoor unit overload - Safety control(Compressor stop)Check pipe lenght, leakage/charge
E4 16Outdoor unit high discharge temperature - Safety control

(Compressor stop)
Check pipe lenght, refrigerant leakage/charge
E4 19Outdoor unit EEV open (Stopped indoor unit’s) -Self diagnosis
E4 22Outdoor unit EEV open (operating indoor unit’s) -Self diagnosis
E4 40High temperature(over 30°C) of outdoor as heating mode
E4 41Low temperature(under -10°C) of outdoor as cooling mode
E4 58Outdoor Fan Error
E4 60Communication cable mismatched between indoor

and outdoor unit
Check electrical connection
E4 61Inverter compressor starting failure (5 times)
E4 62Compressor trip by input current control mode (PFC over current)
E4 63Compressor trip by OLP temperature control mode
E4 64DC peak error (IPM Over Current)
E4 65Compressor Vlimit Error
E4 66DC link Voltage error (under 150V, over 410V)
E4 67Abnormal compressor running

(Compressor Rotation Error)
E4 68Current sensor error
E4 69DC link Voltage sensor error
E4 71OTP Error
E4 72Inverter micom zero-crossing error