Panasonic cassette air conditioner error codes

Stuck with an error code you can’t decipher? Then, you’re on the right page. Below, there is a list of error codes (also called alarm codes) for Panasonic cassette air conditioners. The first column contains the codes, while the second explains their meanings. Taking into consideration this information, you will be able either to try to fix the AC on your own or to provide a service engineer with additional details on the issue.

Panasonic cassette air conditioner System Alarm Codes

Alarms for outdoor units

Alarm CodeAlarm Meaning
E01Remote Controller Reception Error
E02Remote Controller Transmission Error
E03Error in Indoor Unit Receiving Signal from Remote Controller (central)
E04Error in Indoor Unit Receiving Signal from the Outdoor Unit
E05Error in Indoor Unit Transmitting Signal to the Outdoor Unit
E06Outdoor Unit Failed to Receive Serial Communication Signals from Indoor Unit
E07Outdoor Unit Sending Failure to Indoor Unit
E08Duplicate Indoor Unit Address Settings Error
E09More Than One Remote Controller Set to Main Error
E12Automatic Address Setting Start is Prohibited while Auto-address Setting in Progress
E13Error in Indoor Unit Transmitting Signal to Remote Controller
E14Main Unit duplication in Simultaneous-operation Multi Control (detected outdoor unit)
E15Automatic Address Alarm (capacity too low)
E16Automatic Address Alarm (capacity too high)
E18Faulty Communication in Group Control Wiring
E20No Indoor Units Connected
F04Compressor Discharge Temperature Sensor (TD) Trouble
F06Inlet Temperature Sensor (C1) in Heat Exchanger Trouble
F07Intermediate Temperature Sensor (C2) in Heat Exchanger Trouble
F08Outdoor Air Temperature Sensor (TO) Trouble
F12Compressor Inlet Suction Temperature Sensor (TS) Trouble
F31Outdoor Unit Nonvolatile Memory (EEPROM) Trouble
H01Primary (input) Overcurrent Detected
H02PAM Trouble
H03Primary Current CT Sensor (current sensor) Failure
H05Sensor Failure, Compressor Discharge Temperature Sensor (TD) Disconnected
H31HIC Trouble
L04Outdoor Unit Address Duplication
L10Outdoor Unit Capacity not Set
L13Indoor Unit Type Setting Error
L184-way Valve Operation Failure
P03Compressor Discharge Temperature Trouble
P04High Pressure Trouble
P05AC Power Supply Trouble
P13Alarm Valve Open
P14O2 Sensor Detect
P15Insufficient Gas Level Detected
P16Compressor Overcurrent Trouble
P22Outdoor Unit Fan Motor Trouble
P29Lack of INV Compressor Wiring, INV Compressor Actuation Failure (including locked) due to DCCT Failure