Kenmore Air Conditioner Error Code

Kenmore air conditioner error code

Most air conditioner issues take place exactly when you need the appliance most, for instance, during the hottest days of summer. To make matters worse, it is exactly the time when service companies experience an increased workload, and therefore, you are very likely to spend a lot of time waiting for a tech to come. Save time and money by identifying the error code and trying solutions suggested for it in the tables for Kenmore ACs below.

Error CodeConditionCheck/RepairShop Parts
ESEvaporator temperature sensor failureUnplug the air conditioner and check the wire harness connections on the electronic control board to make sure they aren’t loose or damaged. Examine the electronic control board for damage. Check for a pinched or broken wire in the evaporator temperature sensor wire harness. Replace the evaporator temperature sensor if it’s defective.Evaporator temperature sensor, Wire harness, Electronic control board
ASAir temperature sensor failureAir temperature sensor, Wire harness, Electronic control board

KENMORE 407.83126 air error codes

Error CodesPossible CausesSolutions
E5. Low Voltage Protection• Unplug for ten minutes and then turn on unit. If “E5” is still displayed call 1800-469-4663 to arrange for product inspection and repair.
H8• The backup water tank is full• If the water tank is full the warning sign “H8” appears in the display. To restart operation of the unit, unplug from the electrical outlet and then remove the plug of the lower drain outlet to allow the water to drain. Use an appropriate collection pan. When the water has been completely removed, restart the unit. The unit can now be used as usual.
• FI
• F2
• F4
• Indoor ambient temperature sensor is malfunction
• Indoor evaporator temperature sensor malfunction
• Condenser temperature sensor malfunction
• Unplug for ten minutes and then restart unit. If “FI" continues to appear call 1-800-469-4663 to arrange for product inspection and repair.