GE Air Conditioner Error Code

ProblemPossible CausesWhat To Do
E4 appears in the displayWater bucket Is ftill or not installed correctly.• Remove, empty and replace the water bucket. See the Using the Water Bucket section and the Installation Instructions in this manual.
Water bucket was removed while unit was operating• Replace the water bucket. See the Using the Water Bucket section. NOTE: Replace the water bucket immediately after emptying it to catch any condensation which may continue to accumulate.
"HEAT" mode is selected but unit does not heatIf you have a Cool only model, heat settings will not be active on your model.• Set the unit to AUTO. COOL. DRY or FAN mode. HEAT mode is not available and will not operate on cool only models.
"E1" appears in the displayFunction error code.• Unplug the air conditioner. Wait 3 minutes and plug it back in.
TIMER feature not working properlyA power outage or interruption occurred.• In the case of a power outage or interruption, the unit TIMER feature will reset to the original setting. You may need to set a new time if desired.