Fisher Air Conditioner Error Code

Fisher air conditioner error code

When error codes appear on your Fisher air conditioner, it means that the appliance is experiencing an issue affecting its performance. Tables below explain the meaning of each error code, which gives you the clue to resolving the issue. In the FSAI-Pro-91AE2 model, you need not only to check the display but also count how many times the operation lamp blinks, as well as take into consideration the timer lamp.

Fisher FSAI-Pro-91AE2 air error codes

Operation lampTimer lampDisplayLED STATUS
☆ 1 timeXEOIndoor unit EEPROM parameter error
☆ 2 timesE1Indoor / outdoor units communication error
☆ 3 timesE2Zero crossing signal detection error (except FSAIF-Pro-181AE2)
☆ 4 timesE3Indoor fan speed has been out of control
☆ 5 timesE4Open circuit or short circuit of indoor room temperature T1 sensor
☆ 6 timesE5Open circuit or short circuit of evaporator coil temperature T2 sensor
☆ 7 timesECRefrigerant Leakage Detection
☆ 2 timesOF1Open circuit or short circuit of outdoor ambient T4 temperature sensor
☆ 3 timesF2Open circuit or short circuit of condenser coil temperature T3 sensor
☆ 4 timesF3Open circuit or short circuit of compressor discharge T5 temperature sensor
☆ 5 timesF4Outdoor unit EEPROM parameter error
☆ 6 timesF5Outdoor fan speed has been out of control
☆ 1 timesPOIPM malfunction or IGBT over-strong current protection
☆ 2 timesP1Over voltage or over low voltage protection
☆ 3 timesP2High temperature protection of compressor top diagnosis and solution (Only FSAI-Pro-241AE2 model)
☆ 5 timesP4Inverter compressor drive error

Fisher FSPI-091B  air error codes

Error codeMalfunction
EOWater Pump Malfunction
E1High pressure protection of compressor
E3Low pressure protection of compressor
E4High discharge temperature protection of compressor
E5Compressor overload or drive error
E6Communication malfunction
E9Water overflow protection
FOIndoor unit ambient sensor malfunction at air return opening
F1Evaporator sensor malfunction
F2Condenser sensor malfunction
F3Outdoor unit ambient temperature sensor malfunction
F4Discharge temperature sensor malfunction
F5Ambient sensor malfunction on Displayer (or LED board)