Electrolux air conditioner error codes

In air conditioners, faults are reported via error codes appearing on the remote control unit or on the display screen. The table contains error codes and their descriptions. They can help you solve problems by yourself or at least figure out the cause before you call your local maintenance service.

Electrolux EXH09HL1W air conditioner error codes

Name of malfunctionDisplay of indoor unitDisplay of lamp (the times of blinking)     
Anti-freezing protectionE223
System block or refrigerant leakageE339
Compressor exhaust high temperature protectionE447
AC over-current protectionE555
Communication failure between indoor unit and outdoor unitE66OFF
Anti-high temperature protectionE886
No feedback of indoor fan motorH611
Jumper cap malfunction protectionC515
Indoor unit and outdoor unit doesn't matchLP1916
Outdoor DC fan motor malfunctionL32314
Power protectionL9209
Gathering refrigerantFo11
Indoor ambient sensor open or short circuitF11
Indoor tube sensor open or short circuitF22
Outdoor ambient sensor open or short circuitF336
Outdoor tube sensor open or short circuitF445
Exhaust sensor open or short circuitF557
Overload limit / drop frequencyF663
Over current limit / drop frequencyF881
High exhaust temperature limit / drop frequencyF992
Anti-freezing limit / drop frequencyFH224
Compressor overload protectionH338
IPM protectionH554
PFC protectionHC614
Loading EEPROM malfunctionEE1511
High PN voltage protectionPH1113
Low PN voltage protectionPL2112
4-way valve reversal abnormalU720
Compressor Min frequence in test statePO
Compressor rated frequence in test stateP1
Compressor maximum frequence in test stateP2
Compressor intermediate frequence in test stateP3
Frequency limiting (power)LU2413
Compressor is running(normal)1
The temperature for turning on the unit is reached(normal)8
Frequency limiting (module temperature )EU6611
Normal communicationContinu ously

Electrolux KELVINATOR KSV53HRA air conditioner error codes

Not OperatingNo operation by use of remote control
EOEEPROM parameter error
ElIndoor / outdoor units communication protection
E3Indoor Unit Fan Stall
E5Open or short circuit of outdoor condenser pipe & compressor temperature sensors
E52Open or short circuit of outdoor ambient temperature sensor
E6Open or short circuit of room or evaporator temperature sensor
L2 & PAHigh-temperature protection of condenser
POModule protection
PIOver voltage or too low voltage protection
P2Temperature protection of compressor top - low refrigerant charge
P4Inverter compressor drive error
LO & P91Evaporator high-frequency low-temperature limit