Dometic air conditioner troubleshooting

Energy saving technologies assuring the peak efficiency and optimal comfort underlie the operation of Dometic air conditioners. Reduction of air humidity and maintenance of the temperature are their most important functions.

Dometic offers air conditioners of all classes of power. Due to presence of Dometic air conditioner troubleshooting or Dometic rv air conditioner troubleshooting systems, depending on the class, you will be able to quickly detect a possible malfunction and able to remove it.

Dometic air conditioner Fault code & Function desciptions

Fault conditionDigital display codeNote
Room temperature sensor faultE1Call for service
Evaporator sensor faultE2Call for service
communication faultE3Call for service
Condenser sensor faultE4Call for service
Defrosting instructionsH1Indicates defrosting in progress

Preventing cold air function:
When heat mode is selected, the internal fan will not start until the air within the air conditioner is heated. This is to prevent cold air blowing into the living space during start up.

Blowing surplus heat function:
In heating mode, the fan will continue to run for approximately 60 seconds after the OFF button is pressed.

Defrosting function:
At low ambient temperatures approximately -5°C the heating mode will periodically enter a defrosting mode.

Overheat protection
In heating mode, detection of the evaparator temperature IPT, when IPT
when IPT >= 60°C, compressor is not working.
when IPT <= 48°C, compressor will be contiunted working.
when 48°C < IPT ≥ 55°C The compressor will keep the original state.

IPT:evaparator sensor temperature.
OPT:condenser sensor temperature.

Dometic air conditioner troubleshooting

Possible malfunctionCauseRemedies
Error message F02:
The system does not
switch on and the display
shows an error mes-
The temperature sensor is not cor-
rectly connected.
- Switch off the system
- Switch it on again after 10 minutes
- If the fault occurs again, contact an authorised workshop
Error message F04:
The condensation water
that has formed is not
being discharged, and
an error message
appears in the display.
– The pump is clogged or defec-
– The condensation water hose is
– The float switch is defective or
- Contact an authorised workshop.