Delonghi portable air conditioner troubleshooting

The instructions for apparatus contain a detailed description of functions, usage modes, as well as the Delonghi portable air conditioner troubleshooting system helping to cope with small hitches and significantly accelerate diagnostics and repairs.

The appliance has a self diagnosis system to identify a number of malfunctions. Error messages are displayed on the appliance display.

Delonghi Portable AC Error Codes

The air conditioner does not come on• there is no current
• it is not plugged into the mains
• the internal safety device has tripped
• wait
• plug into the mains
• call the Service Centre
The air conditioner works for a short time only• there are bends or kinks in the air exhaust hose
• something is preventing the air from being discharged
• position the air hose correctly, keeping it as short and free of curves as possible to avoid bottlenecks.
• check and remove any obstacles obstructing air discharge
The air conditioner works, but does not cool the room• windows, doors and/or curtains open
• there are heat sources in the room (oven, hairdryer, etc)
• the air exhaust hose is detached from the appliance

• dust filters clogged

• the technical specification of the appliance is not adequate for the room in which it is located.
• close doors, windows and curtains, bearing in mind the “tips for correct use” given above
• eliminate the heat sources
• fit the air exhaust hose in the housing at the back of the appliance.
• clean or replace the filters as described above
During operation, there is an unpleasant smell in the room• dust filter and (when present) electrostatic filter clogged• clean the filters as described above
The air conditioner does not operate for about three minutes after restarting it• the internal compressor safety device prevents the appliance from being restarted until three minutes have elapsed since it was last turned off.• wait. This delay is part of normal operation.
The symbol and one of the following messages

LT / HL/Cf/PF / FI appears on the appliance display:
• The appliance has a self diagnosis system to identify a number of malfunctions.LT - Low Temperature (frost prevention)
The appliance is fitted with a frost protection device to avoid excessive formation of ice. The appliance starts up again automatically when the defrosting process is completed.
HL - High Level (internal tray full)
Empty the internal safety tray following the instructions in the section “End of season operations”. If it reoccurs in cooling mode, contact your local authorised customer services.
In heating mode: empty the internal tray.
Cf - Change filter
When this message is displayed, the water filter needs replacing as described in the section: “Replacing the limescale filter”.
PF - Probe Failure (sensor damaged)
If this is displayed, contact your local authorised service centre.
FI - Failure1
This message could appear if the water filter is particularly clogged.

If the filter has been replaced recently, contact your local authorised service centre.

If something is not working, the problem may at times be simple to resolve.
Carefully check these brief instructions before contact your local Authorised Service Centre

The air-conditioner doesn't work-no electricity
-it is not plugged into the mains
-the timer is set incorrectly
- wait
- plug into the mains
- set the timer correctly
Insufficient cooling-air filter dirty
-room too hot
-temperature set incorrectly
-the air intake/outlet grilles are blocked
- clean the air filter
- wait for it to cool down
- set the temperature correctly
-clean the grilles
Particular odour in the room-air filter dirty- clean the air filter
Water leaks from the indoor unit of the air-conditioner-incorrect installation of the appliance
-pump malfunction
- unplug the appliance and contact the service centre
The remote control indicator is weak or inexistentflat batteries
batteries inserted the wrong way round
- change the batteries
- check the polarity of the batteries (+) and (-)
The air conditioning unit does not operate for about three minutes after turning it onthe safety device has trippedwait for three minutes
The compressor switches on and off periodically-the air-conditioner is working in dehumidifying mode
-the antifreeze safety device has tripped
The three indicator lights flash-operating anomaly- unplug the appliance, wait a few minutes and then turn the appliance on again. If the problem persists, contact the service centre.