Delonghi air conditioner error codes

Typically, air conditioners let you down exactly when you need them most: for instance, in the middle of a heatwave. Why not try to solve the problem without waiting for a service engineer? Just consult the tables below – they explain the reasons why the appliance displays a certain error code, and also suggest several solutions that may help you fix the air conditioner.

Delonghi PACN 100E air conditioner error codes

The air conditioning unit does not start.No electricity.Wait.
It is not plugged into the outlet.Plug into the outlet.
The safety device of the plug has tripped.Contact your service center.
The air conditioning unit works for a short time only.The air exhaust hose has a constriction.Position the exhaust hose correctly.
The air exhaust hose is blocked.Check there are no obstacles. Obstructing air discharge.
There are tight bends in the air exhaust hose.Eliminate the tight bends.
The air conditioner works, but does not cool the room.Window open.close the window
There are heat sources in the room (lamps, etc.).eliminate the heat source
The exhaust hose is detached.connect the exhaust hose
Air filters clogged.clean or replace the filter
the air conditioner is not powerful enough for the conditions or size of the room
Particular odour in the roomair purifying filters cloggedclean or replace the filters
The air conditioner does not operate for about 3 minutes after turning it onthe safety device has trippedwait for three minutes
The alarm light Q comes onthe tank inside the appliance is full.empty the tank

DELONGHI T90  air conditioner error codes

Lt …LOW TEMPERATURE (frost prevention)When the appliance is operating in air conditioning, BOOST (super conditioning) or dehumidifying mode, this device prevents the formation of ice. The appliance start up again automatically when the defrosting process is completed.
PF….PROBE FAILURE (sensor damaged)If this is displayed, contact your service centre.
Ft….FULL TANKEmpty the tank at the back of the appliance and replace correctly. The continuous drain hose is not connected correctly or is obstructed and the air conditioning unit is draining into the tank.
FI….(FAILURE 1) PUMP MALFUNCTIONIf this is displayed, contact your service centre.