Daikin air conditioning fault codes

Just like any complicated piece of equipment, air conditioner can also break down during operation. Let’s consider the most common malfunctions of air conditioners, take a look at their causes and learn about further actions after they are detected.

Code Indication Description
U0Insufficient gas
U2Low-voltage detection or over-voltage detection
U4Signal transmission error (between indoor and outdoor units)
UAUnspecified voltage (between indoor and outdoor unit)
A0Indoor Error of external protection device
A1Indoor unit PCB abnormality
A3Indoor Malfunction of drain Level control system
A5Freeze-up protection control or high pressure control
A6Fan motor or related abnormality
A7Indoor Malfunction of swing motor flap
A9Indoor Malfunction of EEV
AFIndoor Drain level above limit (clogging)
AJIndoor Malfunction of capacity set device
C3Indoor Malfunction of drain thermistor
C4Heat exchanger temperature thermistor abnormality
C5Indoor Malfunction of gas pipe thermistor
C7Indoor Lower louvre limit switch/motor
C9Room temperature thermistor abnormality
CAIndoor Malfunction of discharge air thermistor
CCIndoor Malfunction of moisture sensor
CEIndoor Malfunction of radiant heat sensor
E0Outdoor Activation of outdoor safety device
E1Outdoor unit PCB abnormality
E3Outdoor Activation of high pressure switch
E5Outdoor Activation of compressor over heat protection
E5Outdoor Compressor motor lock
E6Outdoor Compressor start up error
E6Outdoor Standard compressor lock/over current
E7DC fan lock
E8Input overcurrent detection
E9Outdoor Malfunction of EEV
EAFour-way valve abnormality
F3Discharge pipe temperature control
F6High pressure control in cooling
FC Outdoor Low pressure drop
H0Compressor system sensor abnormality
H3Outdoor High pressure switch defect
H6Position sensor abnormality
H4Outdoor Low pressure switch defect
H7Outdoor Fan motor position detection sensor error
H8CT or related abnormality
H9Outdoor air thermistor or related abnormality
J1Outdoor Malfunction of pressure sensor
J2Outdoor Current sensor malfunction
J3Discharge pipe temperature thermistor or related abnormality
J4Outdoor Low pressure saturation thermistor
J5 Outdoor Malfunction of suction pipe thermistor
J6Heat exchanger temperature thermistor or related abnormality
J7Outdoor Malfunction of heat exchanger liquid thermistor
J8Outdoor Malfunction of liquid pipe thermistor
J9Outdoor Malfunction of gas pipe thermistor
JC Outdoor Malfunction of suction pipe pressure sensor
JAOutdoor Malfunction of discharge pipe pressure sensor
JH Outdoor Malfunction of oil temperature sensor
L0Outdoor Malfunction of inverter
L3Electrical box temperature rise
L4Radiation fin temperature rise
L5Output overcurrent detection
L6Outdoor Compressor motor grounding/short circuit
L7Outdoor Total input overcurrent
L8Outdoor Comp overload, Motor disconnected
L9Outdoor Compressor lock
LAOutdoor Power unit malfunction
LCOutdoor Transmission between inverter & outdoor
P1Outdoor Inverter over ripple
P3 Outdoor Thermistor abnormality
P4Heat radiation fin thermistor or related abnormality
PJOutdoor Failure of capacity set resistor
U0System Shortage of refrigerant or EEV failure
U1System Negative phase, Open phase
U2System Power supply insufficient
U3System Wiring check operation not executed
U3System Mismatch of indoor and outdoor units (Split only)
U4 System Transmission between indoor units
U5 System Transmission to remote controller
U6System Malfunction transmission outdoor to BP unit
U7System Transmission between outdoor units
U7Outdoor Malfunction between outdoor boards(RMX/RX RK)
U8System Transmission between master & slave R/C
U9System Transmission error between indoor to outdoor
UASystem Excessive number of fancoils
UCSystem Address duplication of central controllers
UESystem Transmission error between indoor & central
UFSystem Refrigeration system not set/wiring – piping
UFd (Split/Skyair)