Daikin air conditioners fault codes

The cause of the breakdown can be discovered based on the “behavior” of the equipment. The algorithm of operation is the same for most models of air conditioners – you can quickly identify the essence of the problem and eliminate it if you know how things work. The table below shows the signs of the main malfunctions and methods how to fix them.

Daikin air conditioners Indoor Unit fault codes

Error CodeError in Remote ControllerError Description
0N/ANo active error
17A0External protection devices activated
18A1Indoor unit PCB assembly failure
19A2Interlock error for fan
20A3Drain level system error
21A4Temperature of heat exchanger (1) error
22A5Temperature of heat exchanger (2) error
23A6Fan motor locked, overload, over current
24A7Swing flap motor error
25A8Overcurrent of AC input
26A9Electronic expansion valve drive error
27AAHeater overheat
28AHDust collector error / No-maintenance filter error
30AJCapacity setting error (indoor)
31AEShortage of water supply
32AFMalfunctions of a humidifier system (water leaking)
33C0Malfunctions in a sensor system
36C3Sensor system of drain water error
37C4Heat exchanger (1) (Liquid pipe) thermistor system error
38C5Heat exchanger (1) (Gas pipe) thermistor system error
39C6Sensor system error of fan motor locked, overload
40C7Sensor system of swing flag motor error
41C8Sensor system of over-current of AC input
42C9Suction air thermistor error
43CADischarge air thermistor system error
44CHContamination sensor error
45CCHumidity sensor error
46CJRemote control thermistor error
47CERadiation sensor error
48CFHigh pressure switch sensor

Daikin air conditioners Outdoor Unit fault codes

49E0Protection devices activated
50E1Outdoor uni9t PCB assembly failure
52E3High pressure switch (HPS) activated
53E4Low pressure switch (LPS) activated
54E5Overload of inverter compressor motor
55E6Over current of STD compressor motor
56E7Overload of fan motor / Over current of fan motor
57E8Over current of AC input
58E9Electronic expansion valve drive error
59EAFour-way valve error
60EHPump motor over current
61ECWater temperature abnormal
62EJ(Site installed) Protection device activated
63EEMalfunctions in a drain water
64EFIce thermal storage unit error
65H0Malfunctions in a sensor system
66H1Air temperature thermistor error
67H2Sensor system of power supply error
68H3High Pressure switch is faulty
69H4Low pressure switch is faulty
70H5Compressor motor overload sensor is abnormal
71H6Compressor motor over current sensor is abnormal
72H7Overload or over current sensor of fan motor is abnormal
73H8Sensor system of over-current of AC input
74H9Outdoor air thermistor system error
75HADischarge air thermistor system error
76HHPump motor sensor system of over current is abnormal
77HCWater temperature sensor system error
79HESensor system of drain water is abnormal
80HFIce thermal storage unit error (alarm)
81F0No.1 and No.2 common protection device operates.
82F1No.1 protection device operates.
83F2No.2 protection device operates
84F3Discharge pipe temperature is abnormal
87F6Temperature of heat exchanger(1) abnormal
91FADischarge pressure abnormal
92FHOil temperature is abnormally high
93FCSuction pressure abnormal
95FEOil pressure abnormal
96FFOil level abnormal
97J0Sensor system error of refrigerant temperature
98J1Pressure sensor error
99J2Current sensor error
100J3Discharge pipe thermistor system error
101J4Low pressure equivalent saturated temperature sensor system error
102J5Suction pipe thermistor system error
103J6Heat exchanger(1) thermistor system error
104J7Heat exchanger(2) thermistor system error
105J8Oil equalizer pipe or liquid pipe thermistor system error
106J9Double tube heat exchanger outlet or gas pipe thermistor system error
107JADischarge pipe pressure sensor error
108JHOil temperature sensor error
109JCSuction pipe pressure sensor error
111JEOil pressure sensor error
112JFOil level sensor error
113L0Inverter system error
116L3Temperature rise in a switch box
117L4Radiation fin (power transistor) temperature is too high
118L5Compressor motor grounded or short circuit, inverter PCB fault
119L6Compressor motor grounded or short circuit, inverter PCB fault
120L7Over current of all inputs
121L8Compressor over current, compressor motor wire cut
122L9Stall prevention error (start-up error) Compressor locked, etc.
123LAPower transistor error
125LCCommunication error between inverter and outdoor control unit
129P0Shortage of refrigerant (thermal storage unit)
130P1Power voltage imbalance, open phase
132P3Sensor error of temperature rise in a switch box
133P4Radiation fin temperature sensor error
134P5DC current sensor system error
135P6AC or DC output current sensor system error
136P7Total input current sensor error
142PJCapacity setting error (outdoor)

System Daikin air conditioners fault codes

145U0Low pressure drop due to insufficient refrigerant or electronic expansion valve error, etc.
146U1Reverse phase, Open phase
147U2Power voltage failure / Instantaneous power failure
148U3Failure to carry out check operation, transmission error
149U4Communication error between indoor unit and outdoor unit, communication error between outdoor unit and BS unit
150U5Communication error between remote control and indoor unit / Remote control board setting error for remote control
151U6Communication error between indoor units
152U7Communication error between outdoor units / Communication error between outdoor unit and ice thermal storage unit
153U8Communication error between main and sub remote controllers (sub remote control error) /

Combination error of other indoor unit / remote control in the same system (model)
154U9Communication error between other indoor unit and outdoor unit in the same system /

Communication error between other BS unit and indoor/outdoor unit
155UACombination error of indoor/BS/outdoor unit (model, quantity, etc.), setting error of spare parts PCB when replaced
156UHImproper connection of transmission wiring between outdoor and outdoor unit outside control adaptor
157UCCentralized address duplicated
158UJAttached equipment transmission error
159UECommunication error between indoor unit and centralized control device
160UFFailure to carrey out check operation Indoor-outdoor, outdoor-outdoor communication error, etc.

Others fault codes

20960All system error
210 61PC board error
21162Ozone density abnormal
21263Contamination sensor error
21364Indoor air thermistor system error
21465Outdoor air thermistor system error
21768HVU error (Ventiair dust-collecting unit)
2196ADumper system error
2206HDoor switch error
2216CReplace the humidity element
2226JReplace the high efficiency filter
2236EReplace the deodorization catalyst
2246FSimplified remote controller error
22651Fan motor of supply air over current or overload
22752Fan motor of return air over current / Fan motor of return air overload
22853Inverter system error (supply air side)
22954Inverter system error (return air side)
24140Humidifying valve error
24141Chilled water valve error
24342Hot water valve error
24443Heat exchanger of chilled water error
24544Heat exchanger of hot water error